Pro-Hamas is Anti-Palestinian, Pro-Palestinians must be Anti-Hamas

For the Jewish people, October 7th was our darkest day since the Holocaust. The Hamas perpetrated unspeakable horrors reawakening past traumas. In response to the murderous massacres Israel had no choice but to wage war against Hamas so that never again can they repeat these atrocities. As a result, many Palestinians indeed suffer, certainly those who are innocent civilians deserve empathy and compassion. However, unless it is acknowledged that they are victims of the Hamas and their supporters, their suffering will continue indefinitely.

Let us imagine what could have been for the people of Gaza: Israel in 2005 left all of Gaza. Not a single Jew remained. Gaza with its beautiful seashores, agriculture, work opportunities in Israel, billions of aid coming from throughout the world, could have been a heaven, instead for years it’s been a hell for most of its Palestinians.

Why? In one word: Hamas. In three more words “and their supporters”. The blood and suffering not only of the Israeli victims murdered by Hamas but also of all of the Palestinians who have died is on their hands. The supporters are fully guilty of the Hamas’s crimes as without them the Hamas would be powerless.

The Hamas’s fanatical dedication to the annihilation of Israel, endless missile attacks and other terror attacks morally obligates Israel to protect its people to prevent these attacks. However, even the most obviously necessary steps Israel takes are used as pretexts to create a narrative demonizing Israel in order to ultimately justify its annihilation.

For example, Israel must inspect goods entering Gaza to prevent more deadly weapons to enter, Israel needs a fence to prevent murderous terrorists from infiltrating. Incredibly, the Western apologists for terror demonize Israel for taking this step calling Gaza “The world’s largest open-air prison” which is then used as a pretext to justify terror to “Free Gaza”.

When Israel responses to terror from Gaza, the Hamas uses Palestinian civilians for human shields. This is not only to cowardly protect themselves but because for them every dead civilian helps promote their narrative of a genocidal Israel that must be eradicated. Promoting the Hamas agenda is the slogan popular on campus “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free “. This call to annihilate Israel is a genocidal ideology that has led to endless bloodshed of both Israelis and Palestinians.

These Hamas supporters demonstrate themselves as being anti-humanity, anti- Palestinian also through their silence. Never do we hear them speak out against the corrupt and brutal reign of terror of the Hamas over the Palestinians of Gaza. They speak out only to call Israel an illegitimate apartheid state, Israel in which its two million Arab citizens enjoy rights and freedoms denied to the them in every other middle eastern nation.

Those who demonize Israel and thus explicitly or implicitly support the Hamas proclaim themselves as being on the right side of history by setting themselves against those demonic Jews. So too the Nazis thought themselves to be on the right side of history by ridding the world of those demonic Jews. For the Nazis we were hated because of our race, for modern antisemites because of our nationally. The Jewish people have a long memory we will not forget neither the Nazis nor the Hamas and their supporters.

German civilians too suffered greatly in the second World War. Germans now know that the source of that suffering was not England and the Allies but Hitler. So too more and more Palestinians are realizing that the source of their misfortune, is the Hamas and it’s enablers which includes many of the white privileged in their campus comfort zones. Like Lady Macbeth they may cry  “out out damn spot” but nothing will wash away the Israeli and Palestinian blood on their hands.

About the Author
Yakov Nagen is the Director of Ohr Torah Stone's Blickle Institute for Interfaith Dialogue and the Beit Midrash for Judaism and Humanity. He is also a Rabbi at the Yeshiva of Otniel. His book "Be, Become, Bless - Jewish Spirituality between East and West" was recently published by Maggid.
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