Prophets or mentally ill?

Were the so called “prophets” of the ancient times really suffering from psychosis?

Just to clarify, “psychosis” is a mental disorder characterized by disconnection from reality.

Many of those who suffer from modern psychosis go through constant hallucinations.

At least one of the hallucinations they may go through is that, supposedly, they have been chosen by a higher power to lead the world.

With that in mind, let’s look at the idea of prophets differently.

If I were to wake up one morning, and tell everyone that I was chosen to be the world’s leader, and everyone must listen to me because everything that I said came from the Almighty; people would look at me weirdly and then ignore me.

Either that, or I would probably be hospitalized in some type of mental hospital because they would think that I was extremely confused and delusional.

But, a couple thousand years ago, mental illness wasn’t such at all a known fact, so, when someone such as Mohammed or Jesus or Moses woke up one morning and told everyone he was chosen by God to lead his so called “people,” they believed him.

(It was also because these men had ample charisma.)

Look, really, what I’m trying to say is that these prophets, these so-called “holy prophets….”

How shall I say this without getting attacked?

Ok, I’ll just say it.

Maybe they were just seriously mentally ill individuals.

I mean, if they were alive today, nobody would take them seriously.

They would all probably be on some type of medication for hallucination.

This also brings me to think that maybe some of those crazy people we see on the street nowadays talking to themselves…maybe they would have been prophets, had they been born a couple thousand years ago.

About the Author
Anat Ghelber was born in Israel and moved to Texas when she was 13. She experienced anti-Semitism in public schools there. She moved to New York City when she was 20, and is currently studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work. She started submitting articles to the Jewish Voice two years ago. In her free time enjoys writing poems. She's also a certified Yoga teacher with 200 hours of training who teaches in a donation-based studio called Yoga to the People in New York City.
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