Protest Mother Finds Love Outside Netanyahu Home in Jerusalem


Daniela Herszage has found love in the most unexpected place.  She has been camped on the street outside the official residence of Prime Minister Netanyahu in Jerusalem for over 90 days protesting for the return of her son Diego, who was removed from her care over a year ago.  She met Erik Gross, who has also been fighting for his own father’s rights, and recognizing their destiny they held a party and declaration of their commitment.

Daniela lost her son Diego due to the Welfare becoming involved in her life.  She was a single mother, not without resources as she had a wealthy family.  Due to her desire to home school Diego, a decision was made to remove her son from her care.  Following a welfare report, the judge decided Diego needed a month of assessments.  He was taken into a private institution.  The psychiatric assessment provided by the social workers claimed Diego had a lot of issues and it would be better if he was separated from his mother.  The decision of the judge was based particularly on the psychiatric report.  Daniela says her life spiralled into a ‘living hell’.  She knew Diego had not seen any psychiatrist, but no one would believe her.  Diego has been in the institution over a year.  Daniella went repeatedly to court to try and prove Diego had not seen the psychiatrist.  She protested in Tel Aviv and the original judge recused himself.  However Diego was moved to another institution just days later far from her home.  A few months ago Daniela took matters into her own hands and met the psychologist who told her he had never met her son, nor had he carried out the assessment.

Armed with her proof  she is fighting relentlessly to bring her son home.  She has been able to find a lawyer to help her with a lawsuit to return Diego but there are no guarantees.  The morning after their wedding (the legal service was held a week later), the police removed the couple’s tent, and they slept on the street with no shelter.

Daniel and Erik are available for comments and will be willing to show all the documentation.  Their current address is on the street in Jerusalem!

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