Publicize the Miracle…on Facebook

At no other time of the year are we instructed to “publicize the miracle.” The miracle of Chanukah is course both the tiny bit of oil that kept the menorah aglow for a full eight days and the seemingly impossible victory over the Syrian Greeks, a victory so impossible that it could have only come from one Source.

But why not extend this injunction to “publicize the miracle” to today’s greatest ness (miracle), that of the existence of a Jewish state right here in our ancient homeland?

Ness gadol hiya po. A great miracle happened here … 67 years ago.

What wouldn’t our great-grandparents, who were more often than not on the run from hostile neighbors, have given to be able to live free and in the Jewish homeland yet? Chartered Nefesh B’Nefesh flights? Aliya benefits for newcomers? This country an international leader in science and technology? They couldn’t have even dreamed of such gifts.

Sometimes we (I) forget what a blessing it is to live here. Sometimes we (I) get distracted by the reams of red bureaucratic tape at governmental offices, pissing matches between this or that branch of our fractious Jewish family, the pepper spray (as yet unneeded, thank you G-d) in my bag. And those I love who aren’t here…yet.

And we (I) plum forget the astounding miracle we live each and every day. The privilege of walking the land our patriarchs and matriarchs tread before us, of breathing this holy air. Which rabbi famously said that the rocks of Israel are rubies and emeralds and diamonds, for those who have the eyes to see them as they truly are.

So this Chanukah let’s publicize this modern-day miracle by shouting from such modern day rooftops as Facebook what a blessing we’ve been given to have our ancient land back in Jewish hands. For there is simply no better time of year to pour out our heartfelt gratitude for being given this front-row seat for the unfolding of Jewish destiny.

About the Author
Deborah Fineblum is an award-winning journalist and book author, publicist and writing coach.