Purim Corona


The Children

Of course we dress our children in Purim costumes. That is a given. Who cannot love a kid costumed for Purim?! It is the childten who save the day. They make our Purim Moshiachdik. They lift us up to laugh and let go, to be on a level of עד דלא ידע.

This year the Coronavirus is vying for center stage.

In the eye of the storm it is the children who are our redemptive factor. תינוקות של בית רבן, with their pure souls, evoking, exclaiming, projecting and elevating all of us to the experience of ונהפוך הוא.

It seems the coronavirus is not targeting the children as the adults. Our children are our future. Our children give us the Purim Simcha, שמחה פרץ גדר, that is transcendent.

Even this year with our pre-occupation, it is the children who are the true crown of our people. They are leading us toward Moshiach. Let us take each sweet little hand and know that we are blessed. Let’s be happy

with the realization that the miracle of Purim is real when our children stand up in Purim costume as if to say, “the world may do whatever it may do but we know it is all a charade from Hashem”.

Happy Healthy Purim- תש’פ- ‘פ- for פורים

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Rochel Kaplan is a communal leader. She is involved in Jewish outreach in the Maryland region, promoting adult Jewish education based on Torah teachings and Chassidic philosophy, as a guide for Jewish life.
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