Yasha Harari
Artistic Internet visionary, marketing pioneer, crypto editorial cartoonist

Putin bats 0-2 in the Ukraine

On the brink of war in Ukraine?

Vladimir Putin caricature about Ukraine from March 4, 2014

Haikus for R & U

For Russia

Russian Crimea.
It almost rolls off the tongue,
like an invasion.

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For Ukraine

O Sebastopol.
If only you had listened
to Sarah Palin.

Full disclosure: In addition to cartooning and penning his wits out, Yasha Harari has worked for a number of tech start-ups and large companies in America, Europe and Israel.

About the Author
Yasha Harari is an editorial cartoonist and entrepreneur with decades of experience spanning a broad variety of business expertise, including political lobbying, startups, internet technologies, publishing, marketing and the arts. Yasha made aliyah from the U.S. in 1998. His comics and caricatures have been featured in books, websites, accessories, and worn by runway models in fashion shows from Milan to St. Petersburg.