Putting BDS Campaign on the Defensive

As the BDS movement (or better the BS movement) continues on American universities the problem is how to best fight this obsessional fixation in a nation that just elected Donald Trump president. I mention him because the most ardent Trump supporters are people who dislike the Left and support Israel.

Jewish student groups must stop trying to defend Israel, it won’t do much good among bigoted kids who have little knowledge of the country. They should adopt the same tactics used by Palestinian student groups, launching a propaganda war, but this one against the West Bank and Gaza Arab leaders while highlighting the hypocrisy of the Left in taking up the cause of a group whose every social and civil norm is repulsive to modern progressive ideals.

A major part of this campaign will be to gather facts and figures about Arab atrocities and human rights violations throughout the region…persecution of non Muslim minorities, subjugation of women, honor killings, apostate trials, persecution of homosexuals. The bloodbaths in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya are ripe with examples of brutality.

To wage a successful campaign Jewish groups must put the pro BDS gang on the defensive with videos of the suffering in Syria and the human rights violation is Gaza. They must attend pro BDS rallies and talks in force and challenge the speakers.

Much of the BDS success has been due to the current pampered know-it-all millennial generation which has lost the power of rational thought, yet desperately needs a cause to champion. I would like to think BDS is a diversion from examining America’s own dark history. But I don’t think many students have much knowledge about this these days. Yet as liberals they do latch on to current events and the brutality Muslim Arab tribes inflict on each other, as well as on non Arab Middle Eastern people is ripe for exploitation among US college students.

Israel today is a convenient scapegoat, as Jews have long been, for the current dumbed down generation. They are a good fit for Palestinian activists who feed them a diet where many of the worst aspects of Palestinian society are transferred to Israel. It was the Jews who started wars, stole land and have been ruthlessly been persecuting Arabs. In the end the message is: Israel has no right to exist. This then is carried further where Jewish students have no right to be in a specific university…anti Semitism.

What right do the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have to exist? None of these nations were founded by people with any racial or ethnic ties to the indigenous populations of the lands. These lands were actually taken, often by force and bloodshed, from their native inhabitants. And, to make matters worse, the defeated and depleted indigenous populations were frequently persecuted and even destroyed by the settlers.

In the cases of America, Canada and Australia, their sizes, power and the fact no one is strong enough to dispute ownership. In South Africa there was no dispute about its right to exist, just about who should run it and how it should be run.

But Israel is unique among nations where a country dormant for 2,000 years has been resurrected by its people as progressive and multi cultural democracy. Rather than dwelling on this, explain how the same sort of people who fought so hard to keep Jewish refugees from settling in Palestine are the millions of Muslim refugees who now think they have a right to set in Europe and North America.

In combating BDS, dwelling on the stark differences between America and the Arab world will be more productive than trying to defend Israel.

About the Author
A London based American journalist with a long wide ranging career spanning print, radio TV and online news.