Questioning Politicians-II

Why are the two first generation sons of Cuban immigrants so anti-immigration?

What is the GOP's secret weapon and why does it scare Democrats so much?  In a word:  Enthusiasm.  They've been getting record turnouts in primaries, caucuses and events so far this season. Democratic turnout this year pales by comparison to the 2008 contest between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  Republicans usually get a bigger turnout for off-year elections (witness their 2010 takeover in the House and 2014 in the Senate) and Democrats tend to be stronger in presidential years (as in 2008 and 2012).  That's not what it's looking like this time.  Republicans tend to be motivated by fear, anger and distrust of Washington, emotions that Donald Trump has skillfully tapped with great success.

Why is Ben Carson still in the race?  He's the dead man walking of these primaries and caucuses and just about everyone seems to know that but him. Maybe he's just waiting for a lucrative book contract, his own talk show or Hillary-style speaking fees.

CNN dumped a Trump ally and former advisor, Roger Stone, as a regular guest analyst because of his derogatory attacks on fellow CNN analyst Ana Navarro, a Jeb Bush supporter, Media Matters reported. Stone is a "a notorious 'dirty trickster' with a history of spreading hateful smears and abhorrent rhetoric," according to MM, but CNN and others put him on the air because he was a close Trump ally. The big question isn't why was he fired, or even why it took so long to get rid of him, but why do networks like CNN, MSNBC, Fox, and the rest have these partisan shills on their payrolls in the first place?  There are plenty of journalists, scholars and independent analysts without paying some candidate's spin doctor to spin more floss.

After almost eight years of no policy except opposing Barack Obama, Republicans are poised to nominate for president the leader of the Birther movement who has no policy except hatred of Obama, and the GOP establishment still can’t figure out how it is happening. Haven't they read Galatians 6:7?    

About the Author
Douglas M. Bloomfield is a syndicated columnist, Washington lobbyist and consultant. He spent nine years as the legislative director and chief lobbyist for AIPAC.