Quotes by Isaac Singer on kindness and mercy

“Man prays for mercy, but is unwilling to extend it to others. Why then should man expect mercy from God?” — Isaac Singer

Recently, I was reading that synagogue in Bulgaria was vandalized, moreover following statements were spray painted:
“Free Palestine Israel=Nazis Antifa Bulgaria“

Moreover, graffiti riding “good Jew dead Jew was written near Madrid, precisely on the gate of a Jewish cemetery.

I will never understand hate again Jews, whatever is done, lets blame Jews, right?
I am sick of it, I am sick of explain that people are not well inform, hate leads nowhere.

Hence, any time when I read about some Anti-Semitic attack or similar things are said to me, I read books of Isaac Singer, and it gives me faith to believe that some things may change maybe one day.

In addition, that is the main reason why I wanted to share some interesting quotes of Isaac Singer with you.

“Every creator painfully experiences the chasm between his inner vision and its ultimate expression. The chasm is never completely bridged. We all have the conviction, perhaps illusory, that we have much more to say than appears on the paper.”

“We have to believe in free-will. We’ve got no choice.”

“As long as people will shed the blood of innocent creatures there can be no peace, no liberty, no harmony between people. Slaughter and justice cannot dwell together.”

“If you keep on saying things are going to be bad, you have a good chance of being a prophet.”

“The past is not lost. An image from years ago remained present somewhere in the fourth dimension and it reached you just in that moment.”

“If one knew the truth how could there be freedom? If hell and paradise were in the middle of the marketplace, everyone would be a saint.”

“When you betray somebody else, you also betray yourself.”

I am glad that Israel is making friendly connections with some Arabic countries, yes, kindness will save the world.

“Kindness, I’ve discovered, is everything in life.” –Isaac Singer

Kindness will destroy miserable prejudice; I strongly believe in it.

About the Author
Slavica Milosevic is an author from Montenegro. She loves to write and has had several books published. Slavica spent months in Israel to immerse herself and learn more about Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She studies Art History and Theory.