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Rabbi Bergman promotes a green economy

On October 15th, Buenos Aires hosted one of the most important business meetings in its history.

More than 1,000 executives of the most significant and diverse industries around the world came to the city to lecture about the economic possibilities of the country and future investments on each of the areas they represent.

In this subject, Bergman Minister chaired the conference “Building a green economy for Argentina” where they highlighted the tough commitment of the area toward an economy that prioritizes the sustainable practices which can provide business opportunities and real investment.

Likewise, the rabbi expressed the need for a conscious growth “An economy suitable for all citizens incorporates human rights and healthy balanced environment. You have to enhance, innovate and develop, but also give the same opportunity to future generations. This is an invitation to grow up with respect for the environment and sustainability standards”

foroSustainable growth in a long-term country is only possible if both, political and business division work together to achieve it and this seems to be the line Argentina is supporting.

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Ezequiel Fain is from Buenos Aires, Argentina.He is a graduate of Mass Communication and nature lover also.
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