A Jew, an Arab and Rabbi Schnitzel

'Shtisel' has a certain voyeuristic appeal to some Jewish viewers. (Netflix/Dori Media/via JTA and Times of Israel)

Overheard at the health clinic in Jerusalem:

An Arab guy and a Haredi guy – both bearded, both alone – are sitting across from each other in the waiting area as the clock ticks.

The Haredi guy is engrossed in a book. The Arab guy is staring at him.

“Where are you from?” The Arab guy finally asks the Haredi guy.

The Haredi guy keeps reading.

“Where are you from?” The Arab guy asks again, a little louder this time.

The Haredi guy looks up. “Me?”

“Yeah. You!”

“Oh! I’m from Mea Sharim,” he answers.

“Oh! Wow! You’re authentic!” The Arab guy says.

The Haredi guy laughs. “ Yes! It’s like going back into the past where we live, Baruch Hashem! The whole neighborhood is protected from the future, even the grocery prices haven’t changed in 100 years. “

“You know, your life is so interesting to me! I think it’s really special – I watch the Shnitzel to learn about it!”

“Shnitzel?” The Haredi guy asks. “Like chicken?”

“No no… Shnitzel! Rabbi Shnitzel – you know, with the hair like yours,” the Arab guy points to the Haredi guy’s peyot.

“Oh Shtisel! I haven’t seen it. But you’re welcome to come visit me and I’ll take you on a tour if you want. We can have cholent sometime.”

“Thank you, my brother!”

“You’re welcome, my brother!”

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Sarah Tuttle-Singer, author of Jerusalem Drawn and Quartered and the New Media Editor at Times of Israel, She was raised in Venice Beach, California on Yiddish lullabies and Civil Rights anthems. She now lives in Israel with her two kids where she climbs roofs, explores cisterns, opens secret doors and talks to strangers, and writes stories about people. Sarah also speaks before audiences left, right, and center through the Jewish Speakers Bureau, asking them to wrestle with important questions while celebrating their willingness to do so. She also loves whisky and tacos and chocolate chip cookies and old maps and foreign coins and discovering new ideas from different perspectives. Sarah is a work in progress.
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