Rabbi’s first step to front facing the climate change.

Argentina is known for its great natural and tourist attractions. Every year hundreds of young Israelis who complete the army visit this southern region looking for its most varied landscapes.

Region of fruits, sun and good wine, Argentina has suffered in the past fifteen years diverse climatic issues caused by global warming. Those have affected both their natural resources and their regional economies. If the right measures are not taken in time, the country could soon become a big desert due to the increasingly arid ground.

Together with climate change and biodiversity loss, desertification was identified by the United Nations as one of the greatest challenges the world ahead. Argentina, along with China, Australia, United States and Brazil, is one of the countries with the highest percentage of dry lands that cover 70% of its territory.

Rabbi Sergio Bergman stressed the importance of taking part in such dialogues seeking to reach the target set in the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations: neutralize land degradation by 2030.

We hope this aim to become real in the short term.

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Ezequiel Fain is from Buenos Aires, Argentina.He is a graduate of Mass Communication and nature lover also.
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