Rachel Frankel – An Icon Was Born

Offhand we can count numerous iconic figures that maintained world influence. In the presidential arena, this country was enamored with President Kennedy; in mathematics, Einstein captured the world’s imagination; in the arts, names like Rembrandt and Picasso come to mind and in the Jewish arena, legends such as the Rambam, Ramban, Vilna Gaon and Rabbi Chaim Soleveitchik stand out. All of these figures touched the world stage with their charisma, intelligence, creativity and self-expression.

To meet another iconic figure, one need only hear certain quotes,” G-d is not our servant,” Even if they don’t come home, we must be strong,” “We just want our boys home.” Of course these are the words of Rachel Frankel after the three boys were kidnapped. She had natural charisma, superior speaking abilities, creative expression and strength of character. Amazingly, she was able to say that even if the boys don’t come home we must be strong.

Considering her brilliance, I worried the press would only focus on Ms. Frankel and not the situation at hand. But Ms. Frankel took care of that as well.

She brought her plight to the most hallowed chamber; the United States Senate. After I saw Senator Cruz speak on the Senate Floor, I truly understood Ms. Frankel’s genius. Senator Cruz quoted her exact words, that “We just want our boy’s home.” Ms. Frankel gave a mantra and a mouthpiece to the free speaking world in how to frame the issue. She chose words of simplicity that could easily be quoted, words with a simple and powerful message. The other two quotes, articulating the necessity for strength if the boys don’t come home and that G-d’s not our servant defy human reach, contributing to her iconic status.

History only makes room for a few icons to set their imprint on the world at large, such as President’s, Prime Ministers, Great Intellects, Philosophers and Artists. However, there are people who reach iconic status born out of wanted or unwanted circumstances, in this case being the latter. The common man may have within him iconic abilities but we may never see them or need to see them in our lifetime. But such is not the case with Rachel Frankel. She rose to iconic status and will be part of a select few women in history that influenced the world. I am confident that Ms. Frankel will either be a future Prime Minister of Israel or a high ranking official.




About the Author
Steven Genack is the founder of Aish Haolam