Racism, the UN, and Jewish Supremacy

Some ideas contributed by Adar Weinreb.

I am a Jewish supremacist. Please don’t misunderstand me. Jews are just as foolish and myopic as everyone else. In fact, frequently, Jews are worse. It is bad to claim clean hands while subjugating a native populace under military rule. It is worse when the subjugators are the “Chosen People.” I am not a Jewish supremacist because of Jews, I’m a Jewish supremacist because of Judaism.

Racism comes in two forms. The “fear of other” kind, and the supremacist kind. We are biologically programmed to fear and be suspicious of the other. If we are raised in such a way that “us” includes other colors, we easily accept the other color as “us”. White children raised with black children are much less likely to be racist. The supremacy kind of racism, however, is not based on biological truth, but instead on the myth of race. It is actually a kind of cultural supremacy. No American White Supremacist stops in the middle of his anti-color tirades to welcome Russian communists as brothers because they are white. The White Supremacist is in fact claiming his culture is the best, and then subconsciously attributing that to his race.

Despite the recent and well-deserved backlash against globalists, there will eventually be one world authority which mediates disputes. If the human race is ever to achieve a world without war, a single mediating body is not only a requirement, it is logistically the only possible way to accomplish the peace. The UN holds that title now, and the ludicrously biased way it exercises that authority is a perfect display of the impossibility of fair mediation in a body full of gentile supremacists. Every powerful nation at the UN wants their way to be THE way, and they push their agendas by partnering with other nations that share enough financial interests to achieve their goals. The United Nations will always be a zero sum game where the spoils are divided between the rich nations, and the poor nations must find a protector/overlord, or be subjugated by those with enough influence. This is true because every gentile nation is inherently expansionist. The more they spread their ideologies, the more they get to have their way.

Real Jewish Supremacy is a divine cure to all the ills inherent in gentile supremacy. Please don’t mistake the modern racist/nationalist anti-Tanakh Israeli kind of Jewish supremacy for the kind of supremacy I am discussing. Authentic Jewish supremacy is religiously anti-expansionist, anti-racist, and demands true justice. There is a set piece of land they claim, and they will never claim more than that. There are a set group of people that should claim Judaism, and no more than that should ever claim Judaism. This group of people that should claim Judaism are from every color on the planet. Once Judaism overcomes its galut inspired rejection of the gentile prophets (as legitimate gentile prophets), Judaism will become a religion broad enough to spiritually connect with every ideology on the planet. Conversion to these ideologies would destroy Jewish ability to connect to all ideologies and should be strictly guarded against. Once this mass-conversion meme is defeated, Judaism will find that the true wealth of Rabbinic experience lies in its ability to provide sage advice in every culture, ideology, and religion.

Today’s Jews are broken into many pieces. Every Jew does that which is right in his own eyes, or in the eyes of the Rabbi that sells Judaism the way each likes to buy it. Modern Judaism cannot accomplish the unity that builds the unifying entity which will end the scourge of war. Despite this, in the foundations of Judaism, there is a unifying ideology, which when found, will overcome the evil version of Jewish Supremacy, and replace it with the Authentic version that fixes the ills of all the gentile nations. This unifying ideology, the Jewish Supremacy taught in the Tanakh, demands that every human be treated as a son of God, and yet still allows for each tribe to practice their authentic beliefs in the way that works best for them. In short it is a recognition of the fact that we are all the same, and yet somehow all fantastically and wonderfully different.

To get there, Judaism must have an honest conversation with itself. It can deny that the Tanakh teaches Jewish supremacy, and embolden the racists and nationalists that admit that it does, or Judaism can open itself to the authentic version of Jewish Supremacy, a people of rainbow colors and rainbow ideologies which can provide true justice and spiritual counsel to every different tribe and type of human. This means Jews will have to stop being a nation of judges, and start being a nation of priests.

About the Author
Joseph Aaron Stang was a Lawyer and Business consultant. After making Aliyah, he became involved in the Muslim Zionism Organization, and now teaches the true interpretation of the Quran.
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