Ziv Beck

Radical Islamic Groups Against Israel

The Houthi movement, based in Yemen, has become notably active in recent times, deploying missiles and drones towards Israel, which some of them were intercepted by a US Navy warship in the Red Sea and yesterday some of them fell in Egypt. If you think that the following slogan “Allah is great, Death to America, Death to Israel, A curse upon the Jews, Victory to Islam,” is attributed to ISIS, you are wrong. This is the main slogan of the Houthi movement as well.

As we delve into the Israel-Hamas war, it’s crucial to comprehend its potential to escalate, drawing in groups like Hezbollah and Iran. This escalation scenario underscores the importance of recognizing the threat not only from these regions, but also from Yemen and other Iran-backed groups in the Middle East. Iran’s substantial support, in terms of training and arming groups like the Houthis, poses a significant risk, especially with the vast arsenal aimed towards civilian populations in Israel. We also should pay attention to the Houthis potential to escalate the tension with neighbor countries like Egypt. I assume that more casualties in neighbor countries like Egypt caused by Houthi’s missiles will lead them to change their defense strategy which may affect Israel.

Groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Houthis are united by a common objective—the destruction of Israel and the persecution of Jewish populations. Their ideologies and actions draw alarming parallels with historic oppressors, prompting a call for a strong, united front to counter their agendas. Still, it’s important to remember that to mitigate these risks completely, Iran is the address.

Past efforts by Western allies have shown promise in mitigating threats from similar groups, exemplified by the curbing of ISIS’s influence. Engaging with these radical Islamic groups in negotiations has proven to be futile, we should act against Iran and its proxies with a firm, united stance in support of Israel, to prevent the spread of such radical ideologies that will rapidly occur in your own backyard.

About the Author
Ziv Beck is an Electrical & Computer Engineering Student at BGU University. He has vast experience in the Cyber Security domain for working in the Israeli tech industry and unit 8200.