Radical Philosophy and Violence

Radical philosophy now part of the American university scene, and practiced by street mobs throughout the world has turned its attention to the necessary imperative to destroy the nation of Israel.  Israel, a nation of 6.5 million Jews, 2 million Arabs, and assorted others, half the size of the state of New Jersey, is surrounded by a half billion people in an area larger than the United States.  Nevertheless, the Jewish state must be decolonized, a term bandied about as though its adherents have any idea what it means.

Settler colonialism, is another neo university term suggesting that Jews are not the original inhabitants of “Palestine” and therefore deserve the most heinous form of violence that terrorists can dish out.  Of course, settler colonialism applies to virtually every nation on earth.  The Anglo Saxons displaced the Celts in the British Islands.  The Romans tried to establish themselves in Britian prior to the Celts.  The Normans replaced the Anglo Saxons, or at least mixed with them.  The Jews had communities in York and London before the Anglo Saxons occupied the big island.  They were all murdered during the First Crusade. It is hard to figure out who settled any country or nation, populations shifting through the millennia.

Today, however, the concepts of settler colonialism, White guilt, color preference, and gender identity represent a blatant, unrepentant attack on tolerance, diversity, and harmony in the name of violent realignment of the socioeconomic order.  Those practitioners of the New Order religious faith practiced by terrorist sympathizers seek a realignment of the nation state, the economic order, and religious identities.

Those who attack anything resembling Western values are hypocrites, fundamentally at odds with any legitimate notion of truth or justice.  The purveyors of the new faith pursue Nazi-style eugenics, attempting to repopulate nations and societies with their own vision of what a human being should look like and think like.  It is nothing less than Soviet justified genocide.

Those practicing the new radical extremism so prevalent in the West are not merely advocating a rejection of Western values or their Judeo Christian ethic.  Rather, they are practicing a nihilistic, narcissistic, proto-religious, think Jihad, attack on those they consider to be disfavored minorities.  Those disfavored minorities may be White people in general, Evangelical Christians, those over the age of 30, and, of course, Jews.

The purveyors of the disjointed decolonization philosophy are related to those who affix the label of “demon” on to those they disapprove of or dislike.  During the First Crusade, Jews were first murdered, burned, and drowned in England.  The disease of hatred then spread to France, Germany, the low countries, and eventually Spain in 1492.  When Europe and the United States began to accept tolerance as a Western imperative, there were many setbacks.  World War I and World War II are prime examples of the failure of Western civilization.

The disease of hatred of the Jewish people festers in the dark, dank sewers of human intolerance, simply looking for a convenient justification.  Those marching on behalf of Hamas (the Free Palestine types) are at the core both ignorant and uninformed.  More importantly, the truth does not matter at all to those spinning a fantasy web in support of the bankrupt claim that Jews are colonists in the Middle East.  The truth is fabricated to justify bigotry.  It does not matter to those marching in the streets that the only illegal occupier of Gaza was Egypt and now Hamas.  The only illegal occupation of the West Bank of the Jordan River was Jordan, and the only illegal occupation of the rest of Israel, Palestine before 1948, were the Romans, the Ottoman Turks, and the British.  The Jews are the only indigenous people who have “occupied” what was called Palestine by the Romans and remained Palestine until 1948.  The Jews are the original Palestinians!

So why the fake history which seems to be accepted by so many, thanks to the  putrid stench of radicalized social media?  There needs to be some justification for those who have adopted torture, rape, burning children and parents alive other than to declare such conduct genocide.  The justification for this behavior, not seen in modern times, is to claim falsely that Jews in the Middle East do not belong there, are only a recent innovation and somehow have replaced the original inhabitants.  To decolonize requires the most violent, repulsive, and difficult to describe behavior.  The supporters of Hamas genocide are accessories after the fact and that makes them also guilty of genocide.

In a recent article by a Muslim doctor, Qanta A. Ahmed, who visited the human remains identification center in Israel, the shocked physician denounced radical Islam as a cancer destroying her own people.  We must demand more of our children, our universities, and the fabricators of social media fiction.  Hatred of the Jewish people has always justified unspeakable and unimaginable horrors.  Today we are seeing a resurgence of that ancient hatred which is based upon faux academic and historical justification which does not merely distort the truth, but makes up a new reality which narrative justifies the crimes against humanity practiced by Hamas and their allies in the streets of nations throughout the world.

About the Author
Cliff Rieders is a Board Certified Trial Advocate in Williamsport, is Past President of the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association and a past member of the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority.