Radicals are already used to Israel’s devastation

Israel’s left is devastated. 

At least one-half of it. The half that is used to being in power, or at least being heard and answered to – Voters of Labour and especially Meretz.
This is the worst possible outcome for them, being taken of the opportunity of influencing politics from the inside – The Knesset. 

On the other hand, voters of the real left, don’t dabble around looking for words when the conversation comes to the “situation” in the West Bank. 

The real left is being screamed at when it brings up reality.

Israel’s biggest problem is not the cost of living crisis or the question of democracy. It is the occupation that kills multiple Palestinians every week. 

The real left, which mostly comprises Arabs, the last remnants of the Joint List; Hadash, Taal, and Balad. 

The “radical left”, wants what exactly? 

It wants peace.

They want exemption from the country shoving its Jewish nature in their faces while Hatikva is being played in deafening volumes. 

The radical left points out exactly what is causing the suffering of millions of people. 

The situation “annoys” even Israeli Jews. That problem they want to be solved, only they can’t comprehend that the situation that has been created is because of decades-long intentional neglect of Palestinians. 

The radical left has never been in government, even when the government was supposedly “left-wing”. They are used to not being heard, not so much the lighter leftists. 

It is, to some degree similar to how democratic socialists are being talked about in the US, where people like Bernie Sanders, Ilhan Omar, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, people who simply want affordable medical care for all, are being labeled as communists and radical leftists who only desire the demise of the greatest country in the world. 

Because the Cold War was good versus evil, mighty capitalism, and murderous communism. 

Because Arabs did not accept the partition plan. 

The zionist left is mourning, but mourning what, exactly? The promise of change, the promise of peace? The promise of peace died with Rabin twenty-seven years ago. Or was it never born?

The workers left, beginning with Ben Gurion, who fought wars but never fought for peace.

Ben Gurion and the rest were fine with fighting wars for the existence of the country, but haven’t we moved past that yet?

Can’t we move past that yet? 

When our main enemy is one that we funded directly, can’t we talk about peace yet?

Maybe not. Maybe the fact that the idea of this nation was built on a great number of bloody wars makes it impossible for us to move on. Or at least to try to move on. 

The greatest voices for peace are the non-zionist and anti-zionist ones now, and the radical zionists, who once fought for peace now incite violence and wish for the extermination of Arabs.

Are we not yet above wars where we can show our strengths? Do we still have to compare sizes with those who just want to live and exist? Are we too bored?

If we are the strongest nation in the Middle East, can’t we be the “bigger men” and make peace? Not if we don’t want to. 

The decision of Israel is clear; We, as a nation, want more wars.

When seemingly everyone is crying for peace, we, as a nation, still want to continue down the path of wars and oppression, which will never lead to peace. 

About the Author
Fred is an 18-year-old writer sharing his many thoughts about American and Israeli politics. He was born in Budapest and since he was 11, he is also an Israeli citizen.