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The Paris talks were important, and Israel had no other choice but to attend to show good faith in the eyes of the world. Those attended were Mossad Chief, David Barnea, CIA Director William Burns, Qatar’s Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, and the head of Egyptian intelligence, Abbas Kamel. Hamas is the only one to make the final decision – these people can only exert influence.

It appears they’ve reached a general structure with many unanswered questions subject to Hamas’ approval. As they say, “the devil is in the detail.”

We know the decision makers on behalf of Hamas is Haniyeh and his buddies whose priorities are to hold on to their power and not forgo the money grab. Gaza is a foothold for Hamas and their cronies to empower their movement to launch more attacks against Israelis and Jews worldwide.  These cowards live a posh life while Gazans are withering away in poverty living a squalid lifestyle, getting killed and/or injured on account of their personal aspirations of power and greed. How sick is this?

Does Hamas really think they can take down the IDF?  If we didn’t have hostages, the Hamas story in Gaza would have been finished within a few days.

Of course, the Egyptians are raising h……. l about Israel entering Rafah. This is a cash cow for them and their partner Hamas. If Israel takes over Rafah, it’s game over for these crooks. Israel will police the border, and this will end their corrupt business practices.

Did you know that according to a November 14, 2023, survey by the Arab World for Research and Development, 75% of those Palestinians surveyed supported the killing and kidnapping of Israelis on October 7th and just a few supported a 2-state solution. In the West Bank, this increased to 83.10% in favor of the October 7th attack.

Do you think Gazans can come clean and govern themselves without resorting to the antics they learned from Hamas? I surely hope so. Israel wants to give Gazans a chance to see if they can self-govern themselves starting with a small area like the Zeitoun neighborhood in northern Gaza. The IDF will handpick the Gazans to run their affairs, those without blood on their hands and unaffiliated with terror groups.

If this works out, it’s a game changer.  The questions are they capable of going the straight and narrow to put their family’s needs over fanaticism. Gazans can now turn the tide to change the equation, so they’re not pawns but kings on the chessboard.  Think of the potential inflow of money and the abundance of economic opportunities that could evolve if things worked out.

The liberal left is terrified that Israel will kill innocent civilians in Rafah. This is absurd. Israel is the most moral army/country in the world. In my previous post, I included a YouTube clip of an educated Bedouin woman who spoke about how wonderful and equitable Israel is toward ALL its citizens no matter their religious faith is Jewish, Christian, and Islamic. She was emphatic that Israel is not an apartheid country.

Do you think the US or UK, would drop leaflets, send text messages, and make phone calls to the very people who killed their citizens before they are bombed? I think not. It’s easy for the Western world to say be easy on these sick, demented, sadists, whack jobs only because they do not have to live next to these bloodthirsty animals.  On top of this, we must send our beautiful children into Gaza to put them in arms way to fix this mess – disgusting and heart wrenching for the families.

Really, I don’t see any other solution other than to level Rafah, absent of any standing buildings. We need the full power of the IDF to take down these monsters. The only language they know is force. Military strength is the only language they understand.

Once Hamas loses the war and they’re in the corner is the best chance for us to come to a complete and final agreement that returns all our hostages and fulfills our short- and long-term security goals.

Hamas must be removed in their entirety from Gaza, as concurred by ex-Hamas founder’s son, Museb Hassan Yousef (the “Green Prince”).

Rafah must go. If we’re lucky, we’ll make this new deal and release 40 hostages and delay the inevitable for 45 days.  IDF commandos returning from Gaza told me that they believe that only 50-70 hostages are alive, claiming many died by committing suicide. The Hamas cowards are continuing to hide behind civilians. These soldiers continued to say that they rounded up about 100 people from Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis of which half were Hamas terrorists dressed like civilians.   Sorry, good try but no cigar!

About the Author
Ron Diller lives in Israel with his family of four children.