Reaction to the Warsaw Cemetery

Dear ghost,
Do you still shudder when you hear the sound of boots?
Do you see my tears when I cry for you?
Do you hear us tell your story?
We remember you.

Dear ghost,
Did you know we believe in the same God?
We still light fire on Friday night,
Maybe to chase away the darkness of your time.

Dear ghost,
Have you come out of hiding?
I saw your picture once in a museum;
It was unlabeled.

Dear ghost,
I know you have a name.
It must have been whispered by the
angel as he took your soul with him.

Dear ghost, dear brother,
Would we have been friends?
I want to know your name.

Dear ghost,
Did you listen this year? Did you listen to the blast of the shofar?
Did we stand together at Har Sinai?
Have I met you before?

Did you hide your eyes when they beat him to death?
Humiliated him.
Your own rebbe.
Did you mourn for him?
Did you have time
Before you had to run?
Do you miss Anatevka?

Dear ghost,
I visited your grave.
There was no name.
It was unlabeled.
You must have been buried with your brethren.
You will never be alone,

Dear ghost,
What’s your name?

About the Author
Hannah is a student at Indiana University studying Elementary Education and Jewish Studies.