Reagan Legacy Award Winner Supports Israel and Other Jewish Issues

Pete Hegseth won the prestigious Ronald Reagan Legacy Award this week at The York Conservative Party Fall Reception. Hegseth, a co-host of Fox and Friends Weekend has visited Israel several times. I was lucky enough to take part on one of those trips several months ago where Hegseth reported from a hidden Hamas Tunnel, an Iron Dome and the Friends of Zion Museum. Coincidentally, Hegseth and I participated in a tour of a factory in the Barkan Industrial Zone where two Jewish workers were executed by a Palestinian. His support of Israel and President Trump’s policies in the Middle East are well documented.

Hegseth’s award represents more than another event. It represents an organization that Jews and Christian Zionists alike can feel comfortable joining and standing with.

CPNYS Chair Michael Long

According to Michael Long, Chairman of The New York State Conservative Party, “The Conservative Party has a long, successful history of pushing back the left-wing agenda in New York State and around the country. This includes our support of Israel. We are strong advocates for working on and advancing a strong United States and Israel remaining close allies.”

I personally know the party supports pro-Israel activism. Chairman Long is always one of the first public officials to offer endorsements and support when called upon. He stood with us against the Iranian Nuclear Deal. Long and the party continue to support opposing BDS, support sanctions against Hamas and radical Islamic terrorists groups and stand up to the growing anti-Semitism in New York.

Education is another area many Jews and conservatives agree on. The party supports the encouragement of educational choice programs through establishment of a system of educational tax credits or deductions and/or vouchers in payment to parents or school districts for expenses incurred in elementary or secondary education, and we support expanding the number of Charter Schools in New York State.

Hegseth stated in his speech last night, “We all know about the campus violence, the textbook issues and common core. We don’t talk enough about the importance of pledging the allegiance and saluting our flag. That simple task would does so much for self esteem and patriotism.”

The Conservative Party is unique in that it attracts Jews from both major parties. Chairman Long admits that while most candidates they endorse are Republicans, they also endorse and work routinely with Democrats. They have supported Dov Hikind, David Weprin, Daniel Rosenthal, Phil Goldfeder and the late Michael Simanowitz.

One current Republican candidate they fought to stay off their line was Vickie Paladino, who has been tied to Neo-Nazis, violence and anti-Semitism in Queens, New York.

They are proud to support Chele Farley for the United States Senate.

Grosz with Speaker and Senatorial Candidate Chele Farley, Running Against BDS Supporter Kristen Gillibrand

Farley is Hosting A Rally for Israel

Thomas Long, Queens Conservative Party Chair said, “We are proud to have Simon Minching on our line. He best represents conservative values and the American Dream.”

The Conservative Party has for 55 years avidly advocated on behalf of taxpayers of New York State.

New York’s government, at all levels, is failing her citizens. New York is deeply in debt with little hope of deviating from this self-destructive course, unless her citizens speak up loud and clear.

The Conservative Party has the blueprint to change New York’s course to, once again, have New York be the beacon of economic success; to become a leader in bringing citizens back to the beauty of our vast state, the energy of the greatest city in the Nation and a place where families can unleash their entrepreneurial spirit to provide a future for their next generation.

In 2014, voters reaffirmed the Conservative Party’ s position on Row C and in doing so made the statement that the Conservative Party has been a positive influence in attempting to bring the State back to an even fiscal standing. With over 18,000 additional votes, voters clearly want our philosophy adopted.

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