Reasons for voting Leave in the referendum …

Here are some genuine reasons people gave for voting Leave:

Afghanistan was going to be joining the EU

Because Tony Blair wants us to stay in

Turkey was joining the EU

They have to give halal food to muslims in prisons because of the EU.

The EU is corrupt, the French are okay in France, the bleedin’ Poles chuck their beer cans in me front garden, I didn’t vote to join the EU, if you don’t like it you can have another referendum in 43 years to decide – that’s how long I’ve had to wait! Dreams do come true.

We’ve got our country back

I voted Leave because we will have to stop being a Monarchy if we stay in the EU

I voted leave because I didn’t have time to read up on both sides and the leave argument was easier to understand quickly

Because they (the EU) removed the lead out of white paint and now it goes yellow after a couple of years. Bleedin’ cheek

Might be able to get more duty free cigarettes

I want to bring manufacturing back to the UK and I want to see my doctor at the GP’S and not just any doctor

I wasn’t really sure but thought, let’s go for it!

Because my Grandad said to vote Leave because he didn’t want to go vote himself

I did eeny meeny miney mo at the polling station

To see the look on Cameron’s face

Because the bankers and the global elite want us to stay

Because we’ve had enough of experts

I don’t want to be part of a European Superstate

The UK only has one vote and is always outvoted by 27 other countries

Policy is decided by unelected bureacrats

Why should we be dominated by Germany after we won the War

Economists were wrong about joining the euro and failed to predict the 2008 crisis so how can we believe them now

Economists are only commentators

The experts are only saying that because they’re being paid to do so by the government

Both sides are lying so I am following my gut instinct

They banned high pitched whistles

White paint doesn’t stay white anymore

The EU puts rules on how we grow vegetables

To keep the queen safe

I don’t know how to vote but I feel like a change

So we won’t have the Belgian police knocking on our doors

I’m voting leave but it doesn’t matter because my husband is voting remain so they cancel each other out

Because the EU has banned Easter eggs and because it is planning to ban homeopathic medicine

Polish people eat swans

Because we don’t get our potholes fixed in the roads anymore

My daughter needed repeat antibiotics for an ingrown toenail and they made her see the nurse instead of the doctor. This is because of immigration.

Europe is a Satanic institution and God is losing his divine patience with it.

To get our country back

Because they only collect our bins every two weeks now and I want weekly collections back

Because there are too many Africans

Because I bloody hate football

Because they’re letting Turkey in – and Afghanistan and Syria and we don’t have room if all of them come here

Because when they come here they either steal our jobs or our benefits and most of them do both

I don’t want Shariah law

I don’t want to have to wear a burka

Because the weather is getting worse and worse over here, they’re keeping all the nice weather in the South of France

Because our trains are screwed up and coming out of Europe will stop that from happening

Because of French air traffic control strikes

So that England won’t be in the Euros again (football). My boyfriend spends too much time watching football

Well a least we can go back to feet and inches now

Nobody is going to tell me what kind of kettle I can use

Because of Muslims

Nobody is going to tell me what kind of kettle I can use

Because of Muslims

The EU was responsible for the Bedroom Tax.

Because Merkel doesn’t dress very nicely

We wanted to cause a house price crash so that we could afford to buy property

The EU won’t import New Zealand lamb chops

Because Britain is an island and isn’t even connected to Europe

Leaving will bring new factories and a new hospital to my area

Because I can’t understand this centimeters thing and if we go out of EU we can finally have our inches back

A change is as good as a rest

My cat repellant used to be called Lion Poo — but the EU changed the name

A Romanian woman had shouted at me in the petrol station

The whole ethos of the EU is to appease Islamism

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