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Recirquel Company Budapest – The Naked Clown

Recirquel, The Naked Clown, photo: Lena Zapassky

This month, Recirquel Circus returned to Israel with the show, “The Naked Clown,” as part of the Hungarian Year in Israel. Recirquel is a contemporary virtuoso circus that combines the world of cabaret and entertainment with circus elements. The acrobats have virtuoso circus techniques, acting and dance abilities. and wear stylized costumes.

The story revolves around a clown who tells the audience that the costume storage of the band was broken into, and all the clothes of the company were stolen, so they will have to appear naked. From this moment on, the show combines impressive clowning, dancing and acrobatics that emphasize the dancers’ perfect (and half naked) bodies. The clowning, performed by Brigitta Egyed in perfect Hebrew (!), combined excellent clown tricks that interaction with the audience, some of which were children –  very entertaining!

The parts that I am more personally drawn to are the dance and acrobatics, including Tisu, trampolines, rope walking and more. All of them were performed in partial nude and spectacular setting and decor. The combination of the accurate dance, breathtaking acrobatics with some humor and fun created an entertaining show.

Recirquel, The Naked Clown, photo: Lena Zapassky

During the show there are some dances that were quite erotic, which were in contrast with the childish appearance of the clown and created some perplexion in the audience, some of which were children. There is no doubt that the company manages to touch, enchant, and move the audience from their comfort zone in an unusual and spectacular performance.

The long-standing piece “The Naked Clown,” was recorded with a symphony orchestra and combines European music from the 19th and 20th centuries in the unique atmosphere of the modern circus.

The Recirquel Company

Recirquel was founded in 2012 in Budapest by Bence Vagi, a theatre director and choreographer, who created an innovative, contemporary and unique circus style in Europe that draws on the tradition of European performing arts and combines circus, theatre and dance.

Vagi gathered from all over Hungary distressed children who turned out to be talented and set up a circus school where, alongside acrobatics, acting, dance and sound development, they also studied theater, art history, music history and literature. Many of them became artists and virtuosos participating in the circus’ performances.

According to Vagi, “The adventure I am going through with the Rieserkel band is a unique experience, and the connection between us in the band began when the artists were still teenagers and studied at the circus school and directed them in a unique project for the Ziget Festival in Budapest. In classical Hungary, bringing special performances to both the Hungarian and international audiences, I am delighted by the success we have been receiving in the world in recent years

Despite the young age of the band and since its first appearance, the circus has become a regular guest around the world in venues such as the Palace de Festival of the Cannes Film Festival, the Colombian festival and EuroMericano – the largest performing arts in South America.

The writer was a guest of the show.

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