Recognize Armenian Genocide

The time has come for the United States, for major Jewish organizations in the United States and for the State of Israel to recognize the Armenian Genocide conducted by the Ottoman Muslim Turks 100 years ago.

The anniversary is officially noted in April.

The Muslim Turks themselves must do the same.

The genocide took the lives of 1.5 million Armenians who were either slaughtered, starved to death, executed or entirely erased from the face of the earth the way the Nazis exterminated the Jews of Europe during the Second World War.

Of all the people in the world Jews feel comfortable with, Armenians should be at the top of the list. Armenians as a people, like Jews, flourish when left alone by those who wish to exterminate them. Armenians, like Jews of the diaspora, those who fled to all parts of the world, generally achieve great things for themselves and earn successes that are far greater in proportion to their small numbers.

It is an inarguable fact of history, an incontestable, proven fact that the Ottoman Muslim Turks conducted a genocide against the Armenian people. It is high time, a time long overdue, for all Americans and Jews and for the Israelis to acknowledge this.

The United States refuses to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide because it doesn’t wish to upset the Muslim Turkish nation which is a member of NATO.

American Jewish organizations have refrained from recognizing the genocide because of similar reasons.

The Israelis continue to honor the Turkish nation because Turkey voted for Israeli statehood in 1948.

After all these decades past, it is time to deal with the unambiguous reality that this genocide of the Armenian people is Turkey’s cross to bear.

Turkey can never hope to be whole as a Muslim nation until it admits and apologizes for its complicity in the genocide of the Armenian people.

About the Author
Joshua Resnek is the publisher of the Jewish Journal in Boston.