Reestablishing the ICC & the UN in Jerusalem

It is no secret that the United Nations and the International Criminal Court have repeatedly refused to address evil. The corruption in these international organizations is very apparent, and examples can be drawn from across the world. We Syria using chemical weapons on its own population, the Chinese government organ harvesting the Falun Gong Practitioners, North Korea starving her own people and placing many of them in concentration camps, and Turkey locking up bloggers and people tweeting against their president – just to name a few.

People wonder why the United Nations and the International Criminal Court are so focused on libels against Jews and intentionally ignore real human rights violations. It’s because they hate what the Jewish people stand for, freedom and liberty. It is easy for the UN to get away with it because one country that advocates liberty has an equal vote to a one country that violates human rights. The world is full of evil that wants to destroy the freedoms that I enjoy by writing these very words.

So here is my question: Why does the liberty loving west continue to promote evil and provide a platform and even leverage against liberty and freedom loving countries? The answer: It is easier to be politically correct and multicultural by equating Denmark to North Korea than to distinguish between them.

Many countries, governments, organizations and individuals around the world have tried to stop some of the immoral policies at the UN and the ICC, but with little or no success.

There are two ways to fight evil, firepower and knowledge. Generally the west refuses to fight evil with firepower, therefore the free world must fight them with knowledge and debate. When one enters the United Nations or the International Criminal Court, they enter the lion’s den of bureaucratic bullies where calls for liberty are squashed.

My proposal to stop the UN and the ICC from repeated Jew hating, liberty bashing and promoting fascist policies is for Israel to build her own UN and ICC in her capital Jerusalem. The new UN and ICC will directly compete with the ones in New York and the Netherlands. We need a global competition in ideas of liberty, not the silencing of it.

We must reestablish the United Nations and the ICC in the most moral country’s capital, Jerusalem. The new UN will only permit members of countries that promote policies of freedom. The power will inevitably be very limited, but there is an alternate purpose. The goal is to provide certain countries with the choice to vote against evil as opposed to doing nothing, or better yet supporting it.

For example, next time there is an anti-Jew vote at the UN libeling Israel of atrocities, Israel should bring a vote to the reestablished UN in Jerusalem about the way gays are treated in the ‘Palestinian Territories’ or how political dissidents are treated in North Korea or China. This will demonstrate a clear contrast of good and evil. This will give Sweden the opportunity to distinguish between bashing Jews and protecting gays. The moral comparison will bring refocus to the real evils of the world.

Next time the International Criminal Court decides to prosecute Israelis, the reestablished ICC in Jerusalem will charge war crimes against Bashar Assad, Kim Jong-un and other fascist leaders that have murdered so many of their own citizens.

We may not be able to meet the dictators and haters on the battlefield but we can meet them on the battlefield of ideas. Israel must first create this battlefield to wage war against evil.

After we debate, prosecute and condemn the dictators, let’s prosecute their greatest enablers, the United Nations in New York and the International Criminal Court in the Netherlands.

About the Author
Yoel Israel is a digital marketing expert and real estate investor. He earned his MBA from Bar-Ilan University in finance & international business and lives with his wife Dara and daughters in Pardes Chana.
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