Reflections after Jerusalem Day

Yesterday was my first Jerusalem Day, as a Jerusalemite, feeling the Jerusalemhood (ירושלמיות). I walked trough the city all day long and saw different manifestations. Here I`ll expose some of my thoughts after it, they are not the truth and even a truth.

How much does a symbol worth?

How many people have to die for a flag?

We praise dead heroes for their courage, and forget their alive mourning families.

I see a city of certainty, and judgment rule without trial.

Some fists are up in the air and mouths are spitting prayers.

The wall is bigger than we see, it`s closer to us than we expect, is like our heads are inclined towards it, and makes impossible to see the other side. The other human being that lives, suffers, cries, like us.

I’ve learned from Mahmoud Darwish that our thoughts are symmetrical, we both think that the other might be an murderer, or maybe we are.

Then I look toward his eyes,
but I don’t see him…
I leave the café in a hurry.
I think: Maybe he’s a killer, or maybe
he’s a passerby who thinks I’m a killer

He’s frightened, and I am, too! – Mahmoud Darwish, Poem: “He is calm, and I am too”

If we agree that thoughts creates words, words affects our behavior, and behavior changes the whole world, so then, I ask you if we can be optimistic? The world is full of angry speech, the media owns with it, it attracts attention. At the end of the day, there is a lack of otherness.

Yes, you read otherness. It ain`t naive to propose it. You have to see the other, to feel the pain of the other, to respect and even love.

Let`s use Jewish culture, science, religion, Chinese knowledge, Buddhist meditation, atheist assurance, music, multi cultural language to potentialize the power of hearing, of seeing, of paying attention. As Doubi (co-Chief Executive Director) said at the meeting of his NGO “Circle of Bereaved Families for Peace” that occurred under the project a “Different Jerusalem Day”: “Let`s do a hundred percent and not wait for the other to move”. I add, let`s act and not roleplay, let`s unite ourselves and not divide between us and them.

About the Author
Rodrigo came to Israel to study Jewish Education after being a highschol teacher of Jewish Studies for five years in Brazil.
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