Beverly Kent Goldenberg
Life Member, Hadassah Greater Detroit

Reflections on Yom Hazikaron 2022

Author Beverly Kent Goldenberg and her Israeli husband Mickey. Photo courtesy ofr Hadassah
Mickey and Beverly Kent Goldenberg. Photo courtesy of the author.

My Israeli husband, Mickey, and I traveled to Israel from Detroit for a family visit. We were there for Yom Hazikaron. Like Israelis, we, too, went to the community ceremony in the town center. Each town holds a ceremony memorializing their citizens who have fallen in wars and terrorist attacks. We were in Hod Hasharon where Mickey׳s sister and family reside.

Smiling faces flash on the screen
Strong and vibrant
Names and faces one after another
Remembered year after year

Nitsan fell before the State
Chaim in the War of Independence
Yacov in Sinai War
Amir during Six Day War
Arik in Yom Kippur
Shimon in Lebanon
Miriam by terrorists
196 from this town

The number of Israel’s casualties of war stand at 24,068 as of May 2022. The number of civilian terror victims who perished in attacks totals 4,216.

The next morning, we went to the cemetery for the fallen in Givatayim. We went to the section called: “Section for the Fallen from Haganah, Security, and Illegal Immigration” for a ceremony. Here 78 citizens of Givatayim and Ramat Gan are buried. Mickey׳s family has lived in Ramat Gan since 1934. Mickey׳s uncle, Nissan Natan Goldenberg ז״ל was murdered in 1938, when a convoy that he was guarding was ambushed by a gang of Arab terrorists.

We visited Mickey׳s uncle, Nitsan Goldenberg’s grave. His name and picture were displayed on the screen the night before at the Ramat Gan ceremony where 895 citizens were remembered.

Israeli casualties by war, conflict or incident before the establishment of Israel was 1303+.

Mickey׳s great grandfather was also included in this count. Rabbi Shmuel Eliezer ז״ל, was murdered by terrorists in his home in the Old City of Jerusalem, defending his family in 1920.  He is buried in a similar cemetery outside of Jerusalem.

The siren sounds
We stand in prayer
Names recited

You sit next to me
Hold my hand
I smile,
Squeezing yours
In gratitude

Yom Hazikaron Ceremony in Ramat Gan
Cemetery for The Fallen, Givatayim. Phoro courtesy of the author.
Section for the Fallen from Haganah, Security and Illegal Immigration. Photo courtesy of the author.
The author’s Israeli husband Mickey’s Uncle Nitsan Goldenberg’s grave. Photo courtesy of the author.
About the Author
Beverly Kent Goldenberg has been a Life Member of Hadassah since 1968. She was born and raised in Detroit and is a member of the Eleanor Roosevelt Chapter, Hadassah Greater Detroit. A social worker by profession, she earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree from the University of Michigan. Beverly worked at Jewish Family Service and Hillel Day School of Metro Detroit for over 30 years, creating social skills programs for children that were modeled state-wide. Her English teachers always thought that she would become a journalist. Better late than never, she has been writing and publishing memoir pieces the past several years. Beverly and her Israeli husband, Michael, raised their two sons, Etai, a urologist, and Oren, a filmmaker, in Huntington Woods, Michigan, where they still reside today. Beverly is Savta to four grandchildren, Leo, Ami, Estee and Elie, and a grand-dog, Sparrow.
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