Reflections, Our Jewish New Year (told in verse)

May we all live to hear the sweet blast of the shofar, next year … B”H


Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur,

Almost impossible with which to rhyme,

Yet their extreme significance requires,

That I indeed explain and take my time,


The High Holy Days are ours, Jewish,

Ones we hold close and so revere,

They are the times when we Jews self-examine,

And ask G-d’s forgiveness for the past year,


Much introspection takes place,

As we atone for the bad deeds we’ve spun,

We deeply hope and sincerely pray,

That our past sins can be undone,


And if not undone, at least forgiven,

By the only Judge that really matters,

Who resides in our hearts and souls,

And tries to keep us from being Mad Hatters,


It is a most solemn of times,

As we review our daily life,

And we ask for G-d’s grace,

As He critiques our personal strife,


What does this all mean,

As we gather together to pray,

That with sincerest reflection,

We will be granted another day,


The “Book of Life” it is called,

Where inscribed we pray to be,

And we hope to continue living,

To indeed be joyous and free,


G-d must believe that we are,

Truly worthy of His blessing,

And that we will do our very best,

To keep those close from stressing,


Our mission while here on earth,

Is to live our lives with high morals,

We must share the wisdom of Torah,

And only on Shabbat rest on our laurels,


May you indeed be inscribed,

And after fasting may lox you eat,

Shanah Tovah Umetukah,

May your New Year be sweet,


May your paths be straight,

On the spiritual journeys you travel,

May you be granted good health,

And may your happiness ne’er unravel.


~ Me ❤️


( N.B.: for any new readers, “~ Me ❤️” is my poet’s signature and my words are all original. Please feel free to share, including my note. Thank you. )

About the Author
Chip Blumberg is a freelance writer and poet. He is currently working on a historically accurate fictional novella set in America during the 30s, with a decidedly Jewish list of main characters and with Jewish culture woven throughout. He is a former AM radio talk show host and long-time dealer in paper antiquities. His background is in business and professional sports management. Chip is a CPA and lives near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his pup.
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