Related Passages, an intro


A road

A journey

A channel

A course

A movement

A transition

A connection

We each have  passages where we transition from one place and from one state to another.

And it is through those passages, that we often intersect and form a significant connection.

A human connection.

Now that we are in the highly spiritual season of the High Holidays, I reflect back on this past year and ask: how did I  connect, to family, to friends and neighbors, to our land and nation, to our community, and to the world at large.

In Baltimore, Maryland, we recently received a new opportunity.

I am part of the Israel Education committee at the CJE;  Macks Center for Jewish Education, an agency of the Associated Jewish  community federation of Baltimore.

We have a program called Shinshinim, where  two young Israelis, come as emissaries  and in partnership with our sister city, Ashkelon. They are post high school, and pre army. They come for one year. They are highly motivated,  and experienced in leadership, and are delightful and creative and bring ruach, the spirit of Israel.

This year will be different.

Baltimore was chosen by the Jewish Agency to create a Shinshinim Hub, with “eight” young men and women.

We gathered together  two weeks ago to say our goodbyes to this past years amazing duo and to welcome the new arrivals.

There was such  transformative excitement in the air.

“Eight” young vibrant, skilled young women and men from the North to the South, here  to bring  and infuse Israel  into  our community, our schools, our camps, our Jewish Supplemental programs, our Synagogues, campuses, JCC s and more.

Leaders, educators, community members of all ages, and now “Eight” host families were present to welcome this dynamic new crew.

There was one word in a line that simply stood out for me that evening, when one of the returning Shinshinim spoke:

” I was happy to be here. I am taking so much back to Israel with me too. I was most grateful to be a part of creating a BRIDGE between Israel and the North American Community here”

A ” Bridge”

in hebrew ; ” Gesher”

This said so much.

We need more  human connections to build more bridges.

Shanah Tova




About the Author
I was an Interior designer for 29 + years and had a parallel path in leadership in the Jewish community. I spent a number of years as a proud lay leader in an amazing outreach organization called Shoresh . I am involved in leadership and development ,mentoring ,and coaching.., non profit development and consulting . I am involved with two organizations in Israel : Afikim family enrichment Center , as they work with youth and families at risk The other being the Taub center , a major think tank for Social and Economic policy in Israel. How pride I am to be engaged with both organizations. Feel free to reach out to me to learn more! I am dedicated to the Jewish community both in North America and in Israel I dedicate much of my creativity to writing and also now am pursuing coaching individuals to clarify and work towards life goals. In the past I have developed and ran experiential programs for the Jewish Federation, where I connected Israelis and locals in our community. At the end of the day, my roots in Israel are very deep. It is the place, the hub the center,The conversation.- our home, the light for all. And I most enjoy inspiring and cultivating that love and connection in others.