Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d


When we talk, we not only define and articulate our own thoughts, we also form and create relationships.

Words evoke feelings. We first think what we want to say, but then, as we say it, our thoughts develop more, often evoking deeper feelings; feelings of devotion, or love, or awe, etc., motivating deeper intellectual exploration of those thoughts and feelings.

It’s all a fascinatingly complex interaction. We possess extraordinary tools to process our inner abilities to relate.

Of course, it takes two to develop relationships. Is the other person listening, empathizing, responding?

And are we talking to a child, a parent, a spouse, an enemy, a leader? What we say, how we say it, and how the listener responds, creates and defines the relationship, and what results — compassion or disinterest. Alienation or salvation.

When we pray, we talk to our Creator. G-d listens to our prayers, our thoughts, our song, our feelings. And He responds, sometimes immediately, sometimes ultimately. But He listens, and He responds.

When we contemplate His greatness and compassion, we bond with Him. Our words and thoughts motivate us to come closer to Him, to study His Torah and do the Mitzvot which He commanded us. We thus strengthen our relationship with G-d and anticipate His salvation, including the ultimate salvation with Moshiach. May it happen very soon.

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