Religious Drama

As a boy with autism, all this abstract stuff is hard to keep in mind or discuss, even though most of it is real, just like Chinese medicine and Feng Shui and EFT. It just feels stupid writing this instead of discussing this with proper tones because of certain cliches and stuff.

I am national religious. So is my family and my school. That means that I observe everything as much as other religious people do. That also means that besides old traditions, Israeli nationality and modern life is also part of my religion, since that’s the way the world works today. We, as our religious sector have our own book called “Sifrut HaShu”t” or “Q&A literature” which speaks about halachot regarding modern issues.

(Old halachot books never messed around with cars or phones).

It also means that I don’t look at this world and say that G-d will do everything for me while I just do nothing.

I keep on hearing people saying stuff like “G-d will protect you” and stuff like that, which is true, but many times, it feels like it’s said from a ridiculous perspective.

I also hear things like people who learn Torah, because they think it will protect them from external threats, which is not true.

I also hear people saying that because the world is not perfect, G-d doesn’t exist which is not true.

The worst part is where I hear dramatic stories.

People saying that there is a certain person who is a god and that I will go to hell if I don’t worship him, people who hate LGBTQs and use an irrelevant pasuk from the Torah to justify it and rubbish like that.

People who believe that the mashiach is meant to make a dramatic entrance and do magic tricks. People who believe that they know the future, because of some prophecies. People who believe that everyone is meant to be perfect.

Let me get it straight:

Jewish people live in Israel because G-d gave it to us, but everyone forgets that He wouldn’t have given it to us if we didn’t have a right for it simple moral reasons. (In our case, Israel has legal justifications).

I don’t trust miracles. Miracles do happen, but G-d won’t help anyone who is going to wait for Walt Disney fireworks and sparkles to be real.

If you want to protect yourself from terrorist attacks, you have to fight. Praying is good, but ineffective if you don’t actually act.

Israel exists because of miracles, but not because of those obvious fairy tales from the early Torah. Miracles are bigger if you see them when they’re actually coincidences or would happen naturally. (The old excuses).

The world is based on the laws of science (which G-d created), and you can’t deny their existence by using metaphors from the Torah, since they’re metaphors that actually mean things.

That means that stuff like the splitting of the Red Sea, resurrection of the dead all have scientific explanations, whether human logic has discovered them or not. For example, a day of creation is probably a few billion years. We’re in the eighth day. In the first chapter of Genesis, it says that Hashem created the plants and then the man, but in the second chapter, it says that He created the man first and then the plants. My theory was that the first plants were prehistoric species and that the second plants were today’s plants. Rashi says that they didn’t come out of the ground until the man was created.

About the future, nobody knows what’s going to happen. Personally, I don’t believe that the mashiach has a dramatic entrance. I don’t think that the temple will fly down from the sky. I believe that the mashiach comes in when he comes in. G-d knows who he is. He is a random person alive somewhere. And in case someone didn’t notice, none of the batei mikdash came from the sky. They were built. There will be a major change in the world where the spiritual world meets that material, but it won’t change the way the world works too much.

Again, there is spirituality in materialism when you know how to coordinate religion and reality. Israel is a Jewish state, because the people who live here are mostly Jewish, and our weeks start on Sunday. That’s not religion over-involvement in politics.

Personally, I hate abstract and metaphors and spiritual talk and the halachot about it even though they’re real, because it’s the kind of person I am, so I look at it from a scientific or technical perspective. but they’re not contradictory with anything. You won’t here me saying “Thank G-d” or “G-d forbid” most of the time even though it’s real.

I don’t want to spread this out too much, but since most people are mostly limited to categorizing and tagging in general, things are getting out of control. If you deny everything because of your certain ideology that is allegedly contradictory to science or religion because you’re not thinking out of the box, we’re not going to have any rationality in the world. That’s the message from most national religious Jewish people.

On another note, we don’t want supporters who prefer us over our enemies or because we’re the people mentioned in the Tanach, we want people to appreciate us for who we are, because we are right.

About the Author
Yishai was born in Jerusalem and lived in Sydney until he returned to Israel in 2006 and now lives in Modiin. Most of the articles written here are about Judaism from a practical view and about general things from politic to life as an Autistic boy.
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