Ryan Aviv Fagan
A Jew in the Frozen North (Minnesota)

Religious freedom ‘for the win’

It is laughable that a secular person like Bibi Netanyahu is using the court’s conversion decision as an opportunity to pander to the extreme religious right in order to save his own political rear end.

The ruling that recognizes Conservative and Reform conversions performed in Israel should be hailed as a good thing.  Israel already recognizes these two “denominations” of Judaism for the purposes of the Right of Return, so why not recognize those who convert IN ISRAEL as well?

It just makes sense.

We need Jews of all “hues” and need to respect them and honor them. We are vastly outnumbered in the world, so all the arguing and fighting over “who is a Jew” is wasted time when we need to be unified. These people blasting the decision saying that Reform and Conservative converts are nothing but a “forgery” of Judaism obviously don’t know how intensive conversions still are in these two movements.

Religious freedom is important in democracy. This ruling is a win for religious freedom.

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