Bianca Seta

Remaining strong

Heartbroken and horrified.

I grieve for those who died; for lives to no longer be taken due to baseless hatred.

I pray for the fast recovery of those who were wounded; for lives to no longer be damaged due to mindless violence.

I extend condolences to all of the families and friends of those who were unfortunately present at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburg; for lives to no longer be harmed due to senseless malevolence.

“The gunman is said to have yelled ‘All Jews must die’ as he entered the Tree of Life Synagogue, a Conservative congregation in the city and began firing during a baby naming ceremony, local media reported.”

Time after time, I’ve been told that the torch is being passed down to my generation, that we are the world’s future leaders and that our identities, as Jewish people and human beings in this ever-changing world, has never been so important. These statements become the MOST relevant during times like these, when we are faced with dreadful, intentional violence.

I await the day where us, Jews, and everyone in between, are no longer negatively targeted. This should not happen at a synagogue. This should not happen at a church, a mosque, a public school or a coffee shop for that matter. We live in a world where we are constantly faced with acts of anti semitism, of senseless hatred towards the “other”, and of unjustifiable acts of prejudice.

I am a proud Jew, today and EVERY day. I am never afraid to stand up for who I am and for what is right; I see myself as a potential leader.

Yes, I am heartbroken and horrified, but I will be patiently waiting for the moment where I get ahold of that torch, and strongly take on this world’s challenging, yet promising, future, as you should too.

About the Author
Coming from an Argentinian background, Bianca was born and raised in Los Angeles, speaks four languages, loves to meet new people and socialize, is passionate about her Jewish identity and absolutely loves Israel.