Remarkable Israeli Associations

Israel has many spectacular organizations, all of which contribute so much good to the world. These organizations based in Israel include Leket Israel, Save a Child’s Heart, Jeremy’s Circle, OneFamily, and IsraAid.

Leket Israel

Leket Israel is an organization that provides food to families in need by taking food that otherwise would have been thrown out and instead donating it to families in need. This organization, established in 2003 by Joseph Gitler, was created not only to help eliminate food waste, but most importantly to provide nutritious food to families living with food insecurity. Leket Israel is Israel’s largest food distribution network, delivering food to over 246,000 families every week.

Save a Child’s Heart

Save a Child’s Heart is an organization that provides lifesaving treatment to children in developing countries suffering from heart defects. Save a Child’s Heart also trains doctors from those countries on how to care for these children. They provide homes for those coming from overseas, and it is all free. To date, doctors who work within this organization have saved the lives of 5,700 children, of which 50% are Palestinian and 40% are African. Save a Child’s Heart has run missions in over 62 countries and has trained over 135 medical teams.

Jeremy’s Circle

Jeremy’s Circle provides a safe community for families that have been touched by cancer and helps children cope with this devastating illness. The organization provides fully funded fun trips, allowing kids with similar situations to interact. Started by Jeremy Coleman after he was diagnosed with stomach cancer and whose daughter wanted to have a playdate with someone whose father also had cancer, Coleman realized that there were no organizations that existed which provided something like that. It took several months to find someone, but when it did happen, Coleman found that his daughter had greatly benefited from it. Hence, the idea for Jeremy’s Circle was born.

One Family

OneFamily raises awareness and supports victims of terrorism by providing educational, emotional, and financial support to them. They offer a multitude of services, such as personal support, retreats and workshops, and youth clubs. Their main goal is to help victims return to the lives they led before the terrorist attack. In addition they also provide support for the families impacted by terrorism.


IsraAid, which started in 2001, is an organization that aids people in humanitarian crises around the world. They supply areas in need with urgent aid and assist in recovery. IsraAid supplied 250 families in Puerto Rico with clean, filtered water in 2018. When Volcan de Fuego erupted, an emergency response team was deployed, emergency supplies and support was given out to over 1000 people. IsraAid collaborates with communities all over the world by providing them with technology, resources, and professional expertise. IsraAid is the largest humanitarian aid organization in Israel and has worked in over 50 countries. They specialize in education, hygiene and water sanitation, health and medical care, and protection.

It is important to recognize and applaud Israeli organizations to help disprove misinformation. The media tends to paint Israel in a very negative light, and we need to acknowledge how much good is done by the country and how much these organizations have accomplished. Spreading positive messages about Israel to the world is imperative so that other countries can see the good of Israel, a small, altruistic country.

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