Reporter’s Diary: Gindi Tel Aviv Fashion Week — Day 3

And then it was all over.

I’m not sure of how-when-where-what-why this has happened — actually, I’m not even sure if it did happen — but Gindi Tel Aviv Fashion Week has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. I am grateful and proud I could be part of this massive production.

Here’s what happened on my last day at the venue:

I saw some horrible pieces designed by the “Upcoming Designers” and wondered why everyone was clapping their hands. Then I realized most of the people in the audience were friends of the designers and I understood. Thankfully, not all of them were complete failures. There were a couple pieces by Hed Mayner and Eliran Nargassi that I really enjoyed.

Pieces from he "New Designers" collections at Gindi Tel Aviv Fashion Week (Simone Somekh)
Pieces from he “New Designers” collections at Gindi Tel Aviv Fashion Week (Simone Somekh)

After the show, I met the reporters from TimeOut Tokyo and stunned them with my Japanese (I could barely introduce myself, that’s it.) The two are young and talented and were walking around the Fashion Mall with an impressive number of cameras. They explained that some of them were for professional use, while some were for their personal use. I asked which show they had enjoyed the most so far.

“I loved the upcoming designers,” the female reporter told me.

You can imagine my surprise.

“It was closer to the Japanese taste,” she explained. “We have a very different body type and fashion taste, we don’t like cute cocktail dresses.”

Simone Somekh (center) with the reporters from TimeOut Tokyo (Simone Somekh)
Simone Somekh (center) with the reporters from TimeOut Tokyo (Simone Somekh)

In the afternoon, the international press was invited to a conference with a number of fash&tech startup CEOs, which you will read about in an upcoming piece I wrote for a world-renowned media outlet. I won’t reveal anything about the event yet.

At 8 p.m. the Oberson family took over the runway with an all-black collection inspired by a contemporary dance performance entitled “Blackout.” The pieces are black also to highlight the fabrics, techniques, and shapes, Gideon told me in a quick interview.

Gideon Oberson at Gindi Tel Aviv Fashion Week (Simone Somekh)
Gideon Oberson at Gindi Tel Aviv Fashion Week (Simone Somekh)

While I was selecting photos from the catwalk for Superior Magazine in the press room, I was approached by a journalist, Ruth Perl Baharir. She told me she was working on a story for Haaretz and she wanted to interview me. I was delighted by the offer and curious to experience what it feels like to sit at the other side of the microphone, since usually I am the one doing the interviews!

She asked me my reaction to Fashion Week as the youngest journalist working in the press room.

“Many see this runway as some silly occasion in which people watch models walking in weird clothes,” I told her. “This runway, instead, is Israel. The fact that Marcelo Burlon decided to present his collection with Ethiopian models is indicative of the Israeli struggle of integrating citizens of different ethnicities in the country.”

While for some Fashion Week may be over, it definitely isn’t for me. I am working on the stories that will be published over the next few weeks and selecting the outfits that will make it to the magazines I covered the event for.

Thank you to everyone who’s been a part of this dream — Motty Reif, the PR team, the incredible journalists and fashion bloggers who came from all over the world, and of course many thanks to you, my readers, who have been following me on social media and commenting each and every minute of my journey at Fashion Week. See you next year!

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