Resilience or silence – which one are you?

Finally, quiet. Our almost-twelve-year-old is peacefully asleep in her bed. A regular night at home. But not really. What preceded this tranquil scene was horror and trauma, to be rated absolutely inappropriate for kids by IMDB.

A simple six-minute bus ride home from school yesterday turned into what will surely be ongoing nightmares and therapy for many. Our seventh-graders returned from a class trip, peering out the window as they approached our intersection – to see a terrorist, lying in a pool of his own blood, shot dead next to the car he had used to ram into Jews in an attempt to kill as many as possible.

Thank God there were ‘only’ slight physical injuries to one soldier and one child. But the trauma of this afternoon will linger as we parents deal with our childrens’ apprehensions.

So what goes through my head, mother of this beautiful sweet child lying (finally) peacefully asleep, after tears and talking and silence pervaded our evening’s plan? What can I focus on as I stroke her hair and shush her sleepy murmurings, borne from shattered faith and haunted by bloody hateful neighbors?

I am at a loss. Just yesterday in line at the local supermarket, surrounded by Jews and Arabs shopping for milk and bread, I insisted that the day I stop shopping here is the day I give up on humanity. Cleaver-wielding Arabs behind the cheese counter, a mix of races checking out our groceries – that’s what it should be about. Instead, the empty aisles remind us of the fear that keeps people cowering quietly at home, unwilling to risk facing random hate on the streets of Israel.

knife terrorism

That’s life these days, the reality of pure evil and hatred based on race seeps through to every person here. Arabs told by their leaders to kill as many Jews as possible. Arab towns celebrating each attack on Jews, only sorry the numbers are low. It’s not everyone. And it’s not even a majority. But it is from the top down. Leaders of the Arabs living here in Israel and the Middle East have to be held accountable. Abbas has not denounced one knife-wielding attack. Terrorists are called shahids – holy martyrs.

Enough is enough. The world is responsible, yet again, for Jewish blood shed in vain. It is not okay to stand by in silence. Or in critique, as we ‘welcome’ UN chief and hear criticism from the US State Dept. So long as Abbas and company incite to hate, the threat to my child’s safety is on your heads, world leaders.

We are strong and we are resilient. We love our children and will do what must be done. As for you, our friends around the world: Don’t stand by in silence once more.


About the Author
Ruth Lieberman is an Israeli-based political consultant and licensed tour guide, combining her love of Israel with political acumen to better Israel's standing both at home and in the eyes of the world. She has consulted for political leaders in Jerusalem and in Washington, from work on election campaigns to public advocacy and events. Her tours in Israel connect Biblical history to modern realities, to highlight Israel's achievements and promote its policies.