Respecting my Prime Minister, Mr. Netanyahu

Not a day goes by that there aren’t numerous comments about Israel’s three-time, democratically elected prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Very rare are there compliments flung in his direction. I for one would like to express how proud I am to have Bibi as the man at the top. It amazes me to watch Bibi withstand all the constant pressures that he endures on a daily basis. There is no golf, no Eiffel Tower, no Tonight Show, just business, 24/7. How many world leaders have been able or are currently able to keep the pace of our prime minister?

Why does the left-leaning media have it in for him so badly? They try so hard to tarnish his reputation whenever possible. With very little to stick on him they move on to his wife .Any dirt will do. Just give them something, anything. The man is very goal oriented. He knows what his missions are and he does his best, which is better than most, to bring about a positive conclusion. No, he didn’t stop the Iran agreement, but he let the world know where Israel stands and how it will defend itself with all the means at her disposal.

He couldn’t stand alone against the US, Russia, China, Germany, France, and England. But he stood up for all of us and all the Jews around the world. He presented himself as the person who is truly currently the Jewish leader that we all yearn to hear from in these trying times for many Jews around the world and Israelis who are once again facing terrorism for no other reason than being Jewish.

How many except of course Menachem Begin one of the greatest leaders in Israels’ history, could endure the endless pressure and even abuse Netanyahu has had to withstand the last seven years emanating from the White House and the State Department. They obviously didn’t teach derech eretz (proper behavior) In the schools in Indonesia.

You know what they say, “it’s lonely at the top”. That has to be one of the reasons the media and the left cannot stomach Bibi. He represents the majority of the Israeli public whom are sick and tired of all the B.S. constantly bombarding our prime minister and our country. Netanyahu is arguably one of the only leaders of the free world who will not succumb to the tired and boring charm offensive coming out of Washington. He sees through it like most others, but he is the only one who calls out this stranger in the White House. The same person who is so pissed off because he cannot hold a candle toward Bibi’s ability to run a nation.

Mr. Prime Minister, I assure you that I am not alone but in the Majority when I say this ” I am proud that you are our Prime Minister”.

From: Jonathan Surasky — Likud Activist

About the Author
Jon is a graduate of Brooklyn College and a buisness owner Boca Raton, Florida. He made Aliyah with family Aug 2009 and has owned and operated a buisness in Israel. Jon is married with 4 children and lives in Ra'anana.