Restore, Baby, Restore!

Photo: Sebastian Gorka, Elaine Rosenberg Miller
Photo: Sebastian Gorka, Elaine Rosenberg Miller
United States national conservatives met over four days (November 15-18) in The Breakers, Palm Beach, FL at the annual (appropriately) named Restoration Weekend organized by the David Horowitz Freedom Center.
The line-up included (in alphabetical order), Jason Chaffetz, Alan Dershowitz, Daniel Greenfield, Sebastian Gorka, Victor David Hanson, Mike Huckabee, Katie Hopkins, Andrew McCarthy, Melanie Phillips, Ken Starr, Geert Wilders and many others.
Most memorable was the unexpected performance of Milo Yiannopoulos who leapt on the stage in drag as Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. He wore a face shadowing blonde wig and big black eyeglasses. He sported a pitch perfect American (somewhat Valley Girl) dialect. In short, he “killed”.  Yiannopoulos deflated an absurd Leftist icon, someone who had come perilously close to unjustly preventing the confirmation of an eminently qualified Supreme Court Justice appointee.
The attendees came from every region of America.
Many were conservatives activists in their hometowns.
Coincidentally, they arrived in the throes of the (perennial) South Florida election recount. News of Rick DeSantis and Rick Scott’s victories in the Governor and Senate races trickled in over the weekend to the great relief of many.
The gathering was decidedly pro-Israel.
Speaker after speaker spoke of the importance of American support for Israel.
Dutch Parlimentarian Geert Wilders (under heavy guard, with restricted entrances and bag checks) called Israel “the canary in the coal mine”.
Suppression of campus free speech and the BDS movement were repeatedly raised.
The domestic political analysis was fast and furious.
Joe di Genova, former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia and FOX NEWS contributor, said that due to protectionism, Hillary and the top Democrats would “get away” with everything, including the emails, the FISA courts and that low-level heads would roll.
One of the most interesting dialogues was that between Alan Dershowitz, former Harvard professor and Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX). They discussed reforming the FISA courts and providing a permanent panel of defense attorneys to review the applications and raise defenses apparent on their face.
Restoration Weekend was a rewarding stroll through the marketplace of ideas. An outrageous, provocative Milo Yianopoulos was an extra.
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Elaine Rosenberg Miller writes fiction and non-fiction. Her work has appeared in numerous print publications and online sites, domestically and abroad, including JUDISCHE RUNDSCHAU, THE BANGALORE REVIEW, THE FORWARD, THE HUFFINGTON POST and THE JEWISH PRESS. Her book. FISHING IN THE INTERCOASTAL AND OTHER SHORT STORIES will be published by Adelaide Books in 2019.