Roger M. Kaye
A retired physicist reinvented as thriller novels writer

Return the Stolen Lands

It is time to remove the settlers and return the land to its rightful owners. Taking land by force of arms, or deception, should not give rights to the occupiers.

Yes, the Western European, settlers must leave the so-called United States of America and leave it to the indigenous Native American tribes, the rightful owners.

Back in 1626, the indigenous inhabitants believed that the land belonged to the gods. The idea that humans could own land was totally alien to them. When the Dutch turned up, looking for a New Land, they were happy to sell them the entire island of Manhattan for a few beads, worth not much more than $20. The Dutch settlers established a city, New Amsterdam, which was later renamed New York, in honor of the Duke of York. The Native Americans soon found just how wrong they had been to give away their land.

Although the Talmud mentions the religious duty of settling the Land of Israel, many Jews were content to wait for the Messiah before taking the plunge. Sadly, it was not the Messiah but Hitler who gave them the push.

At the end of the Second World War, with the true extent of the Holocaust becoming clear, exhausted survivors made their way to Palestine only to be stopped by British troops, illegally occupying a land thousands of miles from their own homes. Many troops were ashamed to be keeping the Jews from their own country. But their excuse that they were only following orders had a horrifying echo of German troops defending themselves at the Nuremburg trials.

The United Kingdom has a rich history of invasion. The so-called Anglo-Saxons are made up of Germanic Angles, originally from Schleswig-Holstein, and Saxons, a Germanic tribe that invaded and conquered southern England in the 5th–6th centuries.

Today, the United Kingdom has been replaced by another powerful country that sees no problem in telling us what we Israelis can do, or more importantly, can’t do, in the Land of Israel. Yes, the United States of America, believes that it knows what is good for us.

President Biden seems to believe that Israel should do as it is bidden. He would do well to watch the day’s news. He might see a former president on his way to jail for nothing more than an adulterous affair. Donald Trump must be wondering why the world has changed. President John F. Kennedy was one of the most prolific philanderers the Oval Office has ever seen. A quick search brings up eleven of his more famous affairs. We do not know how many one-night stands there were.

While this gives a new meaning to “affairs of state”, it is time to let Israel look after its own interests without having to constantly look over its shoulder at far-away USA.

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The author has been living in Rehovot since making Aliya in 1970. A retired physicist, he divides his time between writing adventure novels, getting his sometimes unorthodox views on the world into print, and working in his garden. An enthusiastic skier and world traveller, the author has visited many countries. His first novels "Snow Job - a Len Palmer Mystery" and "Not My Job – a Second Len Palmer Mystery" are published for Amazon Kindle. The author is currently working on the third Len Palmer Mystery - "Do Your Job".