Right-Wing Morality

“One of the false presumptions of our time is that people on the political Left are motivated by good intentions even when they do bad things, while people on the political Right are motivated by bad intentions even when they do good things.”

– Douglas Murray, May 7, 2015

I feel it every day in my political discussions with both the Right and Left.  I feel it when the Left speaks to me with a condescending self-righteousness, as if my political opinions make me less of a human being. I feel it when I speak to my right-wing friends who are always too insecure and scared to speak their minds. They even put a disclaimer before every point they make (“I don’t think they’re all bad, but…”).

I see this in political discussions about the Second World War. I hear people sympathize with British Prime Minister Chamberlain as a man who was trying to do the right thing.  It doesn’t matter that his failed leadership led to the death of millions of people, because he tried to do the “right thing.” The same people go on to describe Churchill as a warmonger. They treat him as if he was right for the wrong reasons. So what that that he saved Western civilization, and never mind the millions of lives that could have been saved if only the British people listened to him from the beginning. None of that matters because Churchill believed that going to war was right. That makes him an inconvenient hero to the Left, because it doesn’t fit their worldview.

This perverse morality is a very dangerous phenomenon that must be stopped. Stopping this ideology is the responsibility of the right wing. No longer can the left wing’s intentions be viewed as good and ours as bad. We, the right wing, must bring the moral argument into politics. No more giving the left wing the benefit of the doubt. As we saw in the Second World War, bad politics gets people killed.

I will now put this into the context of Israel and the Two-State Solution. No longer can we allow the Left to frame themselves as the ones in favor of peace while those on the Right are against peace. We must flip the script on them. They are not naive people who just want peace. They are supporting an immoral, perverted plan that will lead to massive amounts of deaths on both sides. They have become a suicidal death cult which fights for policies that lead to untold suffering, death, and misery. It is not moral to have ISIS controlling vantage points which overlook our largest population centers. After all, this is the result of the suicidal Land for Peace deal the Left has been proposing for over two decades. When the Left says you are against peace, you should respond by telling them they are in favor of Jewish schools getting hit with rockets. They are not supporting peace; they are supporting Jewish deaths.

Land for Peace is also extremely harmful for the Palestinians themselves. The Left is supporting a solution that will leave the Palestinians under a brutal dictator, Islamic tyranny, or a combination of the two. This will lead to Israel having no choice but to use overwhelming air power to suppress terror cells, leading to many civilian deaths. Yes, that is what the Left support. They are supporting a situation where people on both sides will suffer because terror and war will increase in scale.

Land for Peace is not a moral position to hold; this is a morally repugnant position to hold. I am not against peace, I am for peace. I know the only moral army that can exist in Judea and Samaria is the IDF. It is better for us and it is better for the Palestinians. I am against the pro-war two-state solution which guarantees each side will be exposed to untold horrors. The lefts inability and refusal to see reality is what’s immoral.

Being able to expose the flaws and lack of morality in everything the left wing proposes is crucial for the state of Israel. If we let the Left have a monopoly on morality, we will pay with our blood. As long as doing what it takes to survive is considered “the wrong thing,” dangerous ideas will remain on the table far longer than they should. This is not just about winning a debate. A society’s existence hinges on whether it can make the appropriate political decisions. It’s time to reframe the debate. There is nothing immoral about understanding reality, but there is something very immoral about ignoring it, and therefore giving evil permission to thrive.

About the Author
Eliezer is an oleh from Queens New York. He served as a combat soldier in the Israeli Army, and is currently a student at Bar Ilan University.
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