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Rising Popularity Of Online Casinos

Casinos have been in existence for centuries. The recent past has seen the world and every aspect of life affected by technological advancements, and casinos were not left behind. The advent of technology saw the rise of online casinos and a change in the way punters participate in these games. Israeli technology and gaming entrepreneurs are leading the way.

The internet has been readily accessible to almost every part of the planet. Israel has not been an exception with the country boasting of one of the most advanced internet infrastructure. The Middle Eastern nation has one of the strictest laws when it comes to betting and gambling-related activities.

Before engaging in any betting activity, let alone online casinos, it is essential to understand all the laws that govern these activities. Ignorance is no defence, full awareness of the rules will go a long way in avoiding possible run-ins with the relevant authorities.

What the laws say about online casinos

The Israeli law that governs betting, gaming, lotteries, and social/skill arrangements is well structured and very clear. The structure clearly states which product falls under what category and the authority that is responsible for monitoring its activities. Online casinos are a product that falls under gaming.

Casino gaming includes roulette, slot games, and blackjacks. There are two categories of casinos, namely digital casinos and land-based casinos. The laws of the land prohibit both these types of casinos. Despite stringent requirements, online casinos are still available due to internet accessibility.

Gambling and betting activities laws

The structure that governs the gaming and betting activities owe their existence to two central mother bodies, namely:

  • National monopoly also referred to as mifal hapayis. Its operations are controlled and administered by the ministry of finance. It mainly deals with scratch cards, raffles, and lottery tickets. The national monopoly traces its existence back to 1951.
  • Israel sports betting board was formed sometime in 1967. Its mother law is the regularization of sports staking 5727-1967. This body, the ISBB, has exclusive rights to oversee and control all betting activities in Israel.

Apart from the above, Israeli law under the article 5737-1977, bans the organization of lotteries, betting, games that largely depend on chance and the operating of locations that offer such products and services.

Online Casinos, the law, and the infrastructure

Israel boasts of an incredible internet infrastructure coupled with all manner of gadgets that are readily available and at relatively cheaper costs. But this also makes it easy for its citizens to access these online casinos across the country.

It is paramount to understand and respect the laws of the nation. After all, the government sets up these laws with a desire to protect its citizens as well as the religious or social values. Unregulated gambling and betting activities can pose a threat to national security. These threats have been evident in nations that have no or weak laws that govern their operations of betting and gambling activities. In addition to this, If not done in moderation, gaming and betting can have adverse effects on individuals who engage in these activities, the results range from addiction and depression. These loopholes have affected the spirit of sportsmanship by spiralling out of control in criminal activities.

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