RNC Convention and Pompeo

I truly hope every Israeli and supporter of Israel feels the same way I did tonight watching the RNC convention and Pompeo speaking from Jerusalem.

  1. the abuse of power and disdain for law by a Secretary of State speaking at a political convention.
  2. speaking in Israel as he did gave the impression that Israel was no more than a political prop to be used when it suited Trump’s political needs
  3. it gave the impression that Israel was just a puppet of the US… how terrible
  4. and finally, no supporter of Trump should feel proud that the RNC cancelled Mary Ann Mendoza from speaking tonight. The woman is a horrible anti-Semite and should not even have been a possible speaker at a national convention.
About the Author
Rabbi Steven Moss served as rabbi to B'nai Israel, Oakdale, NY for 47 years. He was a chaplain at Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, NY for 30 years and a chaplain to the Suffolk County Police Dept. for 36 years. He was chair of the county Human Rights Commission for 28 years.