Roaring Violence in Israel; Defining Silence From the World

A couple of years ago one might read about a violent attack in Israel on average of once or twice a week. Those days are gone. Today there is a new reality. Violence has increased dramatically. Instead of one or two violent incidents per week, there is an average of 3 – 4 every day. A large percentage of the perpetrators are teenagers. Some are children under the age of 10. As world leaders continue to promote ‘peaceful coexistence’ through a two-state solution, a new generation of terrorists is being cultivated. However, it seems no world leader has the will to do much about it, other than make politically correct statements about universal condemnation of violence. This accomplishes nothing.

To get an idea of what Israelis live with on a daily basis, here’s a partial list of the types attacks taking place:

  • Arabs throwing rocks at cars
  • Arabs throwing rocks at Jerusalem Light Rail
  • Arabs throwing rocks & firebombs at Israeli buses
  • Arabs throwing Molotov cocktails
  • Arabs attacking with knives
  • Arabs using vehicles as weapons
  • Arabs ambushing civilians
  • Arabs trying to breach checkpoints
  • Arabs attacking Israeli ambulances responding to attacks
  • Arabs intentionally setting forest fires
  • Kidnap & murder of Israeli civilians

Keep in mind the list excludes the repeated rocket attacks launched against Israeli civilians from Gaza.

Core Issue Not ‘Settlements’ or Borders

Contrary to the opinion of many, the core issue has little to do with ‘settlements.’ Nor is it about borders. The flashpoint issue is a tiny piece of real estate known as Temple Mount. Without question, it is the most contested piece of land in the world. It is the ‘ground zero.’ Why?

This is where the Holy Temple’s once stood as monuments to the God of Israel.  Solomon’s Temple for example, has been recorded throughout human history, including the Bible. Archaeological evidence supports its existence.

Yet, the Muslims deny such indisputable evidence, calling the very same piece of land Haram el-Sharif (the Noble Sanctuary), where the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque are currently located. They also deny any Jewish connection to Jerusalem.

Appeasement’s failure

Even though Temple Mount is considered Judaism’s holiest place, Jews are not allowed to openly pray or prostrate themselves. They are routinely arrested by Israeli police if caught doing either. Why is this the case? After Israel’s miraculous victory in the Six Day War in June 1967 the Old City of Jerusalem was captured from Jordanian occupation. For the first time since the Roman rule some 2,000 year ago the Jewish people were once again in control of all of Jerusalem. Yet, in an act of appeasement the commander of Israel’s army Moshe Dayan immediately turned over control of Temple Mount to the Muslim Waqf.  Since then, instead of peaceful co-existence there has been reoccurring tension and violence. Jews are often attacked by Muslims refusing to share the land. Indeed Mahmoud Abbas recently accused Jews of “defiling Al Aqsa with their filthy feet.”

In recent weeks Arab’s have escalated attacks on tourists and Israeli’s when on Temple Mount. They have barricaded themselves inside the Al Aqsa Mosque, engaging in open attacks against Israeli police trying to restore calm. Hamas is paying them to conduct the attacks. The money is coming from Iran. Due to the $150 billion in sanction relief from the recent nuclear agreement, Hamas expects the money will continue. Funding this type of terror is a prime example of why Benjamin Netanyahu has spoken against the nuclear deal.

War of Words

Against this backdrop of ongoing violence a ‘war of words’ has erupted throughout the region and beyond. Israel has been harshly criticized by numerous Arab leaders and others, for “not maintaining the status quo.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Israel has been vigilant in its efforts to protect the sanctity of Temple Mount for everyone. So much so that at times Jews are critical of how they are treated by Israeli police. No other country in the Middle East offers freedom of worship for all faiths. Yet the Arabs see only one thing- Jews trying to destroy their holy place, demanding they should not be allowed on the “Noble Sanctuary.” As gangs of teens openly attack the police, the Arab world condemns any action taken by the Israel to preserve the peace, accusing them of provoking violence. Jordan for example, has threatened to recall its ambassador.

This is injustice on steroids.

UN – Israel’s Kangaroo Court

Meanwhile this past week the 70th anniversary of the United Nations took place in New York. Numerous leaders were invited to speak. One of them was Mahmoud Abbas, President of the PA & PLO. He delivered a diatribe of delegitimizing Israel’s right to live in peace, while painting his jihadist, Jew-hating followers as innocent victims of racist Israeli occupation and aggression. He blamed the Jewish state for the lack of peace, and feels no further obligation to abide by existing accords with Israel.

Subsequent to Abbas, Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke to the General Assembly. As expected, most of the Arab countries pulled their delegates from the session. However, in yet another reminder of the ongoing personal spat between President Obama and Netanyahu, Obama pulled John Kerry and Samantha Power from the session. In his speech Netanyahu spoke about the realities the world faces as a result of the nuclear deal with Iran. He was highly critical of the world’s silence in the face of terror against Jews and the nation of Israel. He committed himself to sitting face to face with Mahmoud Abbas without pre-conditions, and criticized Abbas for failing to accept his invitation.

Abbas Showing True Colors

As of the moment, Abbas remains defiantly silent, even refusing to condemn the recent murder of Israeli’s. The escalating violence has brought fears of a third intifada. Where will it end?

Who knows. However, as long as there are Muslims who believe it is their sacred duty to kill Jews and destroy Israel while the nations of the world refuse to hold them accountable, a two-state solution and peaceful coexistence seems as likely as Benjamin Netanyahu becoming the next leader of ISIS.

About the Author
Dan Calic is a freelance writer, history student and speaker.