Robbie Rothenberg Leads In Real Estate Business

RedRock Real Estate is a renowned real estate company that specializes in leasing specifically in the category of warehouses, commercial property as well as labor lamps. The company is driven by passion, commitment as well as transparency and high notch customer service. RedRock Real Estate has a massive client base thanks to the excellent service delivery of the management. In the entire service delivery project is a chief head cheerleader known as Robbie Rothenberg, the man behind the growth of the company.


Being a leader that incorporates team building and discipline, Robbie Rothenberg is the managing member as well as the co-founder of the real estate company. He has been part of the company since its establishment. Robbie is in charge of various residential structures in Chicago across Ohio. Robbie is the principal chief advisor as well as the sponsor of the firm. He is committed to ensuring that the property development, leasing as well as the purchase is done following the laws of the state. As a man who garnered extensive experience over his past working years, Robbie Rothenberg understands how it feels to acquire over 13,000 apartments in one state. He is an active leader who believes that rules must be followed to the later.


Robbie is not only a leader in the real estate business. He is a lover of philanthropy. Being a manager in the real estate industry, Robbie strives to focus on the development of society through providing modern systems of education. He is also passionate about outreach and societal improvement. He has been active in multiple local as well as national in addition to Israeli charities. Aside from serving as an executive board member of the American Israeli society, Rothenberg is a proud member of the Isralight Organization. He is also an active facilitator of Jewish Renaissance. This is made possible through education.  Another docket that Robbie supports the charity feeding program of the people in Jerusalem. To Robbie Rothenberg, philanthropy is the hallmark of operations.


As a professional, Robbie has been a committed pace setter in the real estate industry. He has a registered history of excellence given his undying efforts when it comes to handling business. When he is not handling business, he engages his family. Robbie is focused on delivering perfect real estate requirements from sales to rentals. Robbie is committed to giving the best to his clients. He engages his team in delivering high standard services for clients.


About the Author
Robbie Rothenberg is a dedicated community activist and philanthropist. His strong connection to Israel is exemplified by his having volunteered under the Sar-El program, with the Israeli army on a base near Be'er Sheva. Robbie is one of the founders of Yeshivat Orayta, a Jerusalem based Yeshiva for high school graduates; and serves on the advisory committee of the Eagles Wings Israel Experience Program, which sends Christian college students to Israel to empower them to become advocates for Israel on their respective campuses and beyond.
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