Robbie Rothernberg and His Contributions to Jewish Culture

Robbie Rothenberg is known for his philanthropy as it relates to Israel and the business world. The Jewish community owes quite a lot to Robbie, and this article explains how he has helped many people in Israel and beyond. He is working tirelessly to ensure that the money he gives goes to the right places, and he knows that he will make a difference in growing the Jewish community.

#1: Why Give Back

Robbie gives back because he knows that there are a number of people who need his assistance. There are many worthy charities that need help from people such as Robbie Rothenberg, and they turn to him because he is willing to help in many situations where it is quite needed. He is willing to work with a number of charities, and he allows them to make the advances they need.

#2: Philanthropy Will Improve The Country

There are many places that cannot grow without help from someone such as Robbie, and they are all hoping that they will run across a new donation that will make their charity stronger. Someone who has questions about the strength of each charity may contact new donors such as Robbie, and he may be willing to start a new relationship with the charity.

#3: He Knows Business

Robbie Rothenberg knows where to put his money so that it will go to the best use, and he has worked with many people on how to save as much money for charities as possible. Someone who is attempting to develop a charity must work with Robbie because he will aid them in their investments, and he will give them advice when it is needed.

#4: He Is Committed To The Country

Robbie has made a commitment to the nation of Israel, and he is ensuring that he is giving back as much as possible. He knows that there are a number of people who are hoping to improve the country in their own way, and they will find that he is as committed as anyone else.   According to David Lesch, Robbie is a strong proponent of Israel in general, and his work makes the country much stronger.

Anyone who has not yet worked with Robbie must contact him for help. He is an expert in the business world, and he knows how to help charities that spread across the country to do work that will serve all the people.

About the Author
Robbie Rothenberg is a dedicated community activist and philanthropist. His strong connection to Israel is exemplified by his having volunteered under the Sar-El program, with the Israeli army on a base near Be'er Sheva. Robbie is one of the founders of Yeshivat Orayta, a Jerusalem based Yeshiva for high school graduates; and serves on the advisory committee of the Eagles Wings Israel Experience Program, which sends Christian college students to Israel to empower them to become advocates for Israel on their respective campuses and beyond.