Rockets for Hamas: ‘A New Charity’

Gaza is in clear need of rocket supplies. After an extensive campaign against the brutal citizens of Israel, Hamas is in desperate need. Following the catastrophic destruction of Hamas’s ‘resistance tunnels’ and the loss of Hamas military technology and human shields, someone needs to step up and supply this struggling government with the weapons it so desperately requires.

While Israel wastes its money on the Iron Dome Missile Defense System and continued research into Iron Spade and Iron Beam, Hamas is spending its money far more wisely, dedicating itself to reinforced underground tunnels, longer range missiles (for defensive purposes of course), and a television campaign to teach its youth the ways of resistance through cartoons.

We must do everything in our limited power to cut off the brutal Israeli regime, the regime wasting its money on protecting its citizens. Instead, millions of dollars should be reallocated to the deserving party Hamas. They need that money to destroy the brutal Israeli general public. How dare those Israelis go to supermarkets or schools on a regular basis? How dare they not be under continued fire? We must support Hamas.

The only partner daring enough to risk international condemnation, to support the struggling party of Hamas, has been UNRWA, the United Nations Rocket Warehousing Agency. True to its nature, UNRWA has done its part, hiding rockets bellow its schools, allowing Hamas fighters to fire said rockets from the roofs of their buildings, and serving as a scapegoat when the brutal Israelis bomb these weapons warehouses.

The brilliant leadership of Ismail Haniye has committed itself to continued armed struggle on behalf of the Palestinians. We must support this war on Israeli terror. Those demons cannot be allowed to live in peaceful conditions!


Disclaimer: This article is satirical in nature, and is not intended to offend, but rather to create discussion among those seeking to learn more.


About the Author
Seth Greenwald is passionate in his fights both against anti-Semitism on college campuses as well as the fight against anti-Israel bias and slander worldwide. Seth first developed a passion for Israel after traveling there for his Bar-Mitzvah, kindled that passion through United Synagogue Youth, and has continued to develop throughout his undergraduate career at Clark University. Seth also served as an intern at the Committee for Accuracy in Middle Eastern Reporting for America (CAMERA), Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP), and the David Project.