Roger Who?

Israelis have the thinnest thick skin in the world. Israelis have a stereotype of being thick on the outside and sweet on the inside. That’s where the term “sabra” came from.

So, if we’re so thick skinned, why is the news of a letter written by Roger Waters upsetting us so? The Times Of Israel has an article raving about the fact that Roger Waters has called on musicians to boycott Israel. Israelis are outraged.

Roger Waters?


If I were to choose, I would say that John Waters has more social influence than Roger Waters. And John Waters seems like he’s so much more fun.

For those of you who don’t know (which is about everyone in the world except Israel), Roger Waters is an ex-member of the rock group, Pink Floyd. Primarily, he was their lyricist. His personal proclamations, however, include being the center of the Universe.

He’s not.

He’s a lyricist. (…and he plays bass guitar and sings)

It’s about the same as Elton John’s lyricist, Bernie Taupin, calling for a boycott of Oregon. Who cares?

In a 1987 article in Rolling Stone magazine, Roger Waters is quoted as saying, “It is frustrating to find out how many people don’t know who I am or what I actually did in Pink Floyd.” But evidently, his anti-Semitic boycott is supposed to make an impact. Again…seriously?

Rock stars should play music and stick to music. They’re always better off. Think of poor Ted Nugent. Cat Scratch Fever traveled to his brain and melted it! No one wants to take a Journey To The Center Of His Mind. They’d just get lost looking for it.

I’m still trying to get the image of Meat Loaf serenading Mitt Romney out of my head. If I was a Bat Out Of Hell, I’d go right back down there. It’s safer.

Roger Waters isn’t even Pink Floyd. David Gilmour and Nick Mason are Pink Floyd. Everything Roger Waters has is self-proclaimed. And yet, we Israelis get upset because he’s calling a cultural boycott (which is always a moronic idea) of Israel. His sense of self-import is only matched by Shas’ Shlomo Benizri’s (inside joke for you Israelis). Roger Rabbit is more famous than Roger Waters.

We really have to ignore this cheap publicity stunt.

All in all…it’s just another brick in his head.

About the Author
Charley Warady is an author/writer/stand-up comedian, living in Israel since 1996...and surviving.