Rule of law?

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s governing coalition succeeded on Wednesday in passing into law the controversial electricity bill, which would allow tens of thousands of illegally built Arab homes to be hooked up to electricity, water, and telephone lines.

This landmark decision of the state of Israel occurred just one day after the same government sent police to uproot a yeshiva on government land in Samaria disconnecting  electricity to the yeshiva. Those learning Torah there were brutally expelled.

The yeshiva has been struggling to maintain a Jewish and Torah presence amongst the ruins of Homesh, one of four Jewish towns destroyed by the expulsion edict of 2005.

The law of “disengagement ” of 2005 forbids the return to Jews and rebuilding sites that were destroyed during Sharon’s mass expulsions and destruction.

In light of this “law” the young men studying Torah on the abandoned hill in Samaria are criminals and must be severely dealt with by law enforcement.

The Torah students who studied on the never ever to be rebuilt hill in Samaria crossed the line into the world of crime. No state can tolerate such brazen flouting of its laws. Do we wish to encourage anarchy! We are after all, a country based on law and equality.

Many tens of thousands of Arabs who built homes and businesses illegally on government land in the Negev were lawbreakers for many years. They however were not forcibly removed as were the yeshiva boys yesterday but rather denied official  recognition and government electricity service.

The present government owes its existence to the “Ram” party of the “Muslim Brotherhood” movement whose constituents include hundreds of thousands of Muslims, many of which squat illegally on government and private Jewish lands.

The party that the yeshiva boys vote for do not support the government coalition.  The Muslim Brotherhood party that the multitude of Arab land grabbers vote for is in the coalition.

This explains the simple political arithmetic of the activity of the last couple of days.

But of course, it goes far deeper than the mundane politics of coalition versus opposition.

Contrast violently uprooting Torah; ensuring that parts of our beloved land remain Judenrein while at the same time giving away our precious holy land.

How did we come to this insane suicidal place in our short history as a renewed proud Jewish country out of the ashes of near annulation?

Where is the incomprehensible disconnect?

When did it erupt?

Is it a question of identity?

Do we still remember that we are a Jewish state and is that still important? Are there those (besides the Arabs) who do all they can to cancel it? If so, why?

Are we now at the crossroads of events that will decide this existential question?

“Jews, Israelis and Arabs” was written because of these questions.

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I made Aliyah after receiving an MA in International Relations. I have been writing articles about Israel since my arrival. I am a licensed tour guide since 1980. I served in the IDF. I am the author of ,"Jews, Israelis and Arabs" available on Amazon.
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