S.I.T. replaces Morse code’s distress signal (SOS) in the USA


In a previous Blog a while back, I mentioned I trained as a Morse Code Interceptor in the US Army Reserve. But when I returned to my Reserve Unit at Fort Snelling near the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport, I was forced to give up that position and transferred to another Unit. The reason was simply because I refused to attend meetings on Shabbat.

The Intelligence Unit commander would not make any exception for me until I obtained a letter from an Army Chaplain who outranked him, that explained the US Army gives every soldier the right to practice his or her religion. And therefore, my Unit Commander had no choice but to allow me to either make up any missed meeting on another day, or he must have me transferred to another unit. Since he refused to allow me to be an exception in his Unit, I was forced to leave my job as a Morse Code Interceptor as well and became an Office clerk instead in a different Unit that did not require my presence on Shabbat.

That was very disappointing for me as I had to go through a Security Check as well before being admitted into that Intelligence Unit. So, the many months I spent training as a Morse Code Interceptor seemed to have been wasted because Morse Code became a thing of the past many years ago.

Some Things You Never Forget

Morse Code was a unique language consisting of dots and dashes. We would be able to listen to Morse Code broadcasts over international radio signals which were picked up by the large antenna located where we were stationed at Fort Devens, MA. It became very interesting to be able to listen in to these broadcasts and I was looking forward to putting this into practice in Minnesota but never had the chance.

Perhaps that is why Hashem is making me more sensitive to these shocking events of the past few years in the US. The US Capitol disturbance is only the latest in a series. But what about all the looting and robberies that took place during the past year? Those groups that are against President Trump have been the prime reason those earlier attacks took place. So now President Trump has been held accountable for the damage in the US Capitol Building. But why have the Democrats done little to call out those groups such as Antifa which uses violence openly on the streets of America?

Anti-Semitism Continues To Make Its Presence Felt Throughout America

The emphasis on the Black Lives Matter movement has gained momentum since the death of George Floyd in my hometown. That has brought with it renewed attention to Defund The Police. However, why have all the Anti-Semitic attacks that have also taken place not brought a sense of urgency to address this problem as well? It seems that the Democratic Party is as much to blame for this as the attackers themselves. In other words, BLM matters to the Democrats, but Jewish Lives do not matter as much. That worries me here in Israel, and that should worry American Jews living there even more given the Democrats will take control on January 20.

SOS = S.I.T.

I want to carry this a bit further and say this should be a wake-up call to all Jews in America that you must not S.I.T.  back and just ignore what is happening but rather take a deeper look into what this all means for not only your families but all your fellow Jews living there.

Changing “United States Of America”” To “Untied State Of America” – Three Letters Affected = S. I. T.

The three letters S, I, T were affected in my previous Blog when I slightly changed the full USA name.

Ask yourselves, my fellow American Jews who still live in the US-

S hould  


T ake Action?

Or Should I –

S.I.T. and do nothing?

That is what I want to discuss in my next Blog.

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