SA Township Food Start-up Gets Israeli Support

Yebo Fresh Delivers Food to Township Dwellers near Cape Town. (Courtesy)

An unusual South African start-up that organizes food deliveries in Cape Town’s townships has been selected for support by an Israeli-Canadian foundation.

Yebo Fresh is a food delivery service that uses a unique combination of technology and community buy-in to send groceries to township dwellers near Cape Town. This allows particularity elderly and vulnerable people to buy fresh, nutritious food at minimal risk.  With the onset of the Corona pandemic demand for Yebo Fresh’s services have sky rocketed. Helping to scale the company has been the  Scheinberg Relief Fund a Israeli-Canadian, a philanthropic initiative that donated 2 million rand to the enterprise.

On the New Blue Review we spoke to Yebo Fresh founder Jessica Boonstra about the enterprise and why the cash injection from Scheinberg was unusual in a number of ways.

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