Sadiq supported us in the antisemitism fight – now he deserves our vote

Sadiq Khan speaking at a Jewish Labour Movement event (CreditL JLM)
Sadiq Khan speaking at a Jewish Labour Movement event (CreditL JLM)

Some politicians claim to have been allies. Some politicians seek to rewrite history for electoral gain.  Some politicians only show solidarity when it is politically convenient.

 Sadiq Khan isn’t one of those politicians. 

He is an ally and a friend.  At the height of the antisemitism crisis in the Labour Party Sadiq stood with the Jewish community, he stood with me and members of the Jewish Labour Movement – he repeatedly challenged Jeremy Corbyn, in public and in private, and he demanded action. 

Sadiq was there when I needed him, he stood with us as we fought the scourge of racism and he doesn’t just deserve our support this May, he has earnt it.

I have known Sadiq for nearly 15 years, as well as being a loyal friend, as Mayor it has been a pleasure to watch him deliver on his promises, to us and to every community.   

His first official function as Mayor was to attend the Yom HaShoah Commemoration.  He has worked with the Metropolitan Police to ensure a zero-tolerance approach is taken to cases of antisemitism.  He has ensured that the full IHRA definition of antisemitism has been adopted at City Hall and he has demanded others for the same. 

Sadiq has also been determined to use his unique platform to build bridges between every community, watching him break his fast during Ramadan in 2018 at the St John’s Wood Synagogue was a groundbreaking moment and has set the tone of his Mayoralty. 

I, of all people, know that the Labour Party has a long way to go to rebuild trust with the wider Jewish community, but Sadiq is one of the good guys and I’m asking you to stand by him as he stood by me.

About the Author
Ruth Smeeth is former MP for Stoke-on-Trent North and Vice-Chair of the Jewish Labour Movement. She is CEO of Index on Censorship.